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1. instructor.
2. instrument.
3. instrumental.
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wipe-3SG:O body-2SG:PERS INSTR towel that 'Wipe your body with the towel.
PL(INCL):FUT tie-3SG:O pig this INSTR rope this 'We'll tie this pig with this rope.
cover-TRANS-3SG:O box that INSTR cloth 'Cover the box with cloth.
73)=(56) Nau kwai kwaqi-a botho naqiqana 1SG 1SG:FUT carve-3SG:O pig this INSTR naifa naqi.
83) Kwai keda-a leta naqi qana baero 1SG:FUT write-3SG:O letter this INSTR ballpoint.