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Conveying knowledge or information; enlightening.

in·struc′tive·ly adv.
in·struc′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.instructively - in an informative manner
uninformatively, uninstructively - in an uninformative manner; "`I can't tell you when the manager will arrive,' he said rather uninformatively"
بصورَة تَثْقيفيَّه مُفيدَه
á fræîandi hátt
öğretici/eğitici bir şekilde


(inˈstrakt) verb
1. to teach or train (a person in a subject or skill). Girls as well as boys should be instructed in woodwork.
2. to order or direct (a person especially to do something). He was instructed to come here at nine o'clock; I have already instructed you how to cook the meat.
inˈstruction (-ʃən) noun
1. the act of instructing (especially in a school subject or a skill) or the process of being instructed. She sometimes gives instruction in gymnastics.
2. an order or direction. You must learn to obey instructions.
3. (in plural) (a book etc giving) directions, eg about the use of a machine etc. Could I look at the instructions, please?
inˈstructive (-tiv) adjective
giving knowledge or information. He gave an instructive talk about electrical repair work.
inˈstructively adverb
inˈstructiveness noun
inˈstructorfeminine inˈstructress noun
a person who gives instruction (in a skill etc). a ski-instructor.
References in classic literature ?
A negro with a thousand tails is a topic which a person cannot talk upon fluently and instructively without more or less preparation.
Paris is the capital of France, and you have to go to it on a boat," she said instructively.
0] ([eta],[xi]) is the pure instructively Einstenian (or general relativistic or post Newtonian correction) of order [c.
In this respect it differed instructively from Memorandum, Marlene van Niekerk's fictionalised reflection on the paintings of Adriaan van Zyl, which I translated shortly after Agaat (van Niekerk & van Zyl 2006).
The ten pages of notes instructively amplify issues addressed in the chapters, and the glossary provides readers with what the authors take to be the meaning associated with key terms.
That's where "Please Listen Up Parents" can prove to be an instructively valuable and practical read.
And, as Neil ten Kortenaar (1993: 59) instructively notes, AOTS is the novel that broke Achebe's "long literary silence .
6,10] Although these focus a good deal on the status of the profession of psychiatry with respect to the MHPF, they also instructively address a number of its potential strengths and weaknesses.
In "Yoga and Parkinson's Disease" author Peggy van Hulsteyn (who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about twelve years ago) draws upon her more than forty years of practicing yoga to write (along with the help of certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and psychotherapist Barbara Gage and yoga therapist Connie Fisher) a 208 page compendium instructively showcasing yoga exercises that will enable Parkinson's Disease sufferers to move and 'liberate their minds and bodies' from the inevitable daily stresses that their condition will present.
But, perhaps, most instructively, these SCAD researchers also comprehend that 'attacking the Neoliberalist/neo-conservative project for world capitalism and plutocracy is mainly pointless unless coupled with visions of a new world order based on some mutual accommodation and respect' (deHaven-Smith 2010b).
Perhaps most instructively, by acknowledging the relevance of the "risk principle" or something like it in judicial decision-making about apparent authority in the context of "self-authorization," cases might also serve as an incentive for a principal to ensure that its "agents" act within the confines of their respective authorities in future dealings.
But instructively, none of the other prestigious, well-endowed private colleges and universities in America--not Harvard or Yale, Swarthmore or Smith, none of them--can make that claim.

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