instrument of torture

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Noun1.instrument of torture - an instrument of punishment designed and used to inflict torture on the condemned person
iron boot, iron heel, the boot, boot - an instrument of torture that is used to heat or crush the foot and leg
instrument of punishment - an instrument designed and used to punish a condemned person
iron maiden - instrument of torture consisting of a hollow iron frame shaped like the human body and lined with spikes to impale the victim
rack, wheel - an instrument of torture that stretches or disjoints or mutilates victims
thumbscrew - instrument of torture that crushes the thumb
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I don't wonder the poor old boy has the blues with a thing like that on"; and Charlie sat looking at what seemed to him an instrument of torture, with such a sober face that Rose took it gently away, and went in to bid Mac good-night.
But, of old, there was One whose suffering changed an instrument of torture, degradation and shame, into a symbol of glory, honor, and immortal life; and, where His spirit is, neither degrading stripes, nor blood, nor insults, can make the Christian's last struggle less than glorious.
Number Thirteen knew nothing of the danger of firearms, but the noise had startled him and his experience with the stinging cut of the bull whip convinced him that this other was some sort of instrument of torture of which it would be as well to deprive his antagonist.
He had scarcely spoken, when Squeers, in a violent outbreak of wrath, and with a cry like the howl of a wild beast, spat upon him, and struck him a blow across the face with his instrument of torture, which raised up a bar of livid flesh as it was inflicted.
Her garden was a reference to the graveyards she created, while silver bells were thumb screws and cockleshells were believed to be an instrument of torture that was attached to the male genitals.
The very idea that music could be an instrument of torture confronts us with a novel--and disturbing--perspective on contemporary musicality in the United States.
As we pieced together the model, we realized the building isn't only a space where incarceration, surveillance and torture take place," Eyal Weizman, director of Forensic Architecture told the UK-based newspaper "The Guardian," "but that the building is, itself, an architectural instrument of torture.
The Spoonk mat may look like an instrument of torture, but its spiky points provide an endorphin release that keeps you coming back for more.
He is Mr Nasty but she doesn't need to be bullied into becoming his instrument of torture as Mean Mel.
Dan Corcoran, CEO of a company that makes such chairs, has no time for those who have, for some decades now, called his product a medieval instrument of torture.
While it is venerated as the means of God's atonement, Christians regularly fail to acknowledge the scandalous character of the cross as an instrument of torture and execution against chose declared enemies of society.
Also, his friend Nico gets on the wrong side of an invention called The Widow's Tear which looks like a portable record player redesigned as an instrument of torture.

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