instrumental role

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Noun1.instrumental role - the semantic role of the entity (usually inanimate) that the agent uses to perform an action or start a process
participant role, semantic role - (linguistics) the underlying relation that a constituent has with the main verb in a clause
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During his 33 tenure, Bastable has played an instrumental role in building the firm into a leading, full-service commercial real estate firm.
Marty Wagner has been the associate administrator for Governmentwide Policy since 1995, where he has played an instrumental role in improving the government's management policies and in developing innovative approaches to providing services throughout the government.
Because he's a winner, he has been a pillar of leadership to Miller for 26 years and has played an instrumental role in the turnaround of this company.
The GSEs have played the instrumental role in the development of a historic mortgage finance bubble.
We believe that this Statement has played an instrumental role in ushering in the cultural and social disaster now besieging our once free and glorious country.
He also discusses, among other things, how XBRL will help improve the transparency and delivery of important data and the instrumental role CPAs will play in companies' use of XBRL in the future.
Founded in 1997, Gradient has played an instrumental role in the creation of industry standard benchmarks for the database and storage industries.
In 1996, he played an instrumental role in writing the successful application for a Distinguished School Award.
During his tenure, he has played an instrumental role in many successful investments including Prestige Brands.
Lloyd Rosenberg, founder and president of DMR, commented, "DMR is proud to play an instrumental role in expanding the travel options of New Jerseyans and visiting New Yorkers.
Boccio plays an instrumental role in establishing relationships and creating an environment that results in increased corporate purchasing from diverse suppliers.
Klein, who played an instrumental role in launching the government's antitrust case against Microsoft, said in a statement released by the U.