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1. Serving as a means or agency; implemental: was instrumental in solving the crime.
2. Of, relating to, or accomplished with an instrument or tool.
3. Music Performed on or written for an instrument.
4. Grammar Of, relating to, or being the case used typically to express means, agency, or accompaniment.
5. Of or relating to instrumentalism.
a. Grammar The instrumental case.
b. A word or form in the instrumental case.
2. Music A composition for one or more instruments, usually without vocal accompaniment.

in′stru·men′tal·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
Doubtless; but I fear that my young relative Will Ladislaw is chiefly determined in his aversion to these callings by a dislike to steady application, and to that kind of acquirement which is needful instrumentally, but is not charming or immediately inviting to self-indulgent taste.
Maximo rarely get the credit their instrumentally thrilling, lyrically intelligent, music warrants.
Servant pasts have been used instrumentally to write others histories.
We really pushed ourselves with this EP vocally, instrumentally and in terms of our songwriting.
He sought to instrumentally use law as a medium of social change, in his lifelong pursuit to improve the plight of workers," the chief justice said.
Though all of Citrine's executives bring a deep experience in the upstream sector, Tomas Ackerman, a former Managing Director and head of NGP's Houston office, brings a specific expertise and network in the midstream sector while Daniel Goodman, formerly a Principal in NGP's Houston office, was instrumentally involved in NGP's oilfield services investments.
We are not ready even instrumentally, because we have a different exchange rate regimes in our countries.
Lyrically, melodically, instrumentally and structurally - they are completely different songs.
Israeli ultranationalists instrumentally compare Palestinians to the Islamic State, in order to create a strategy of terror and tension driving voters to vote them during the elections that will be held on 17 March 2015.
Instrumentally the whole band nailed each song they played and have cemented their place as an arena act.
Almost 40 years of playing together has given them that typical bluegrass tightness both vocally and instrumentally.
He only uses Islam instrumentally, to mobilize the religious at a rhetorical level -- that is it.