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1. The act or an instance of insufflating.
2. Ecclesiastical A ritual act of breathing on baptismal water or on the one being baptized.
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Noun1.insufflation - (medicine) blowing air or medicated powder into the lungs (or into some other body cavity)
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
blowing - processing that involves blowing a gas
2.insufflation - an act of blowing or breathing on or into something
blow, puff - forceful exhalation through the nose or mouth; "he gave his nose a loud blow"; "he blew out all the candles with a single puff"
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A Design Patented instrument, the 'Active Pleurodesis Catheter' [3] may be specifically designed for talc pleurodesis, but not for insufflation and brings many hazards to the table.
Secondary endpoints were to compare gastric insufflation, airway device insertion, and post-operative complications.
In the simplest form, the outline of the organs is achieved by pumping air into the abdominal cavity, known as tubal insufflation.
Bracco provides integral products that provide comfort and clarity during CTC procedures: PROTOCO2L TOUCH, the only system for automated insufflation of carbon dioxide in the US, and Tagitol V (Barium Sulfate Suspension 40% w/v, 30% w/w), a stool marker, or "fecal tagging" agent.
A cocaine-induced midline destructive lesion (CIMDL) is a rare consequence of cocaine insufflation that involves the nose, sinuses, and occasionally the palate.
Hence insufflation pressures were raised to 15mmHg and a verees needle was inserted in left subcostal (Palmer's point) region.
Finally, due to the stability of the pneumoperitoneum it generates, it is being used overseas for low pressure insufflation at around 7-8mmHg--offering the potential patient benefits of reduced post-op shoulder pain, post-op analgesia and earlier discharge from hospital.
The new capsule formulation contains additional inactive ingredients that are intended to make the product more difficult to abuse by injection and nasal insufflation.
Insufflation anaesthesia proved to be the most useful, with a narrow bore, rubber catheter passed into the pharynx, or occasionally with a laryngoscope into the trachea.
One cycle of endotympanic insufflation of sulphur-rich water improved the symptoms.
According to him, CO2 is being used in laparoscopic insufflation because the human body can eliminate the gas very quickly.