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 (ĭn′sə-lāt′, ĭns′yə-)
tr.v. in·su·lat·ed, in·su·lat·ing, in·su·lates
1. To prevent the passage of heat, electricity, or sound into or out of, especially by surrounding or covering with a nonconducting material: insulate an attic.
2. To cause to be in a detached or isolated position. See Synonyms at isolate.

[Latin īnsula, island + -ate.]


insulating material
insulating tape
nIsolierband nt
References in classic literature ?
It was this indefinable peculiarity, perhaps, that, by insulating them from human aid, kept them always so unfortunate in life.
This has been done by making better transmitters, by insulating the smaller wires with enamel instead of silk, and by placing coils of a certain nature at intervals upon the wires.
A 2010 survey of steel casters posed the question, "How do you determine whether to use an insulating or exothermic sleeve or sand for a riser?
7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Garland Insulating, a leader in home insulation solutions that is committed to helping home builders reduce risk and liability has partnered with RESNET to launch a pilot program for the mentoring and assessment of high quality insulation installers.
Global and Chinese Insulating Glass Market, 2015 Industry Research Report and High Performance Insulation Materials Market by Type and by Application - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020 are now available in the materials and chemicals section of RnRMarketResearch.
has obtained a patent for a coated conductive powder obtained by coating the surfaces of conductive particles with insulating inorganic fine particles, wherein the volume resistivity value of the coated conductive powder is 1 [ohm]-cm or less, the specific gravity of the insulating inorganic fine particles is 5.
Insulated metal panels are manufactured composites comprising rigid facings and an insulating core.
And don't forget to insulate any water pipes and tanks in the loft, as insulating the floor will make the loft itself colder because less heat will get through from the rooms below.
For Insulating plumbing pipes: rain water pipes are insulated with a closed cell rubber.
Southwall's Heat Mirror insulating glass units are available from over 50 window and insulating glass manufacturers worldwide.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Electrical Insulating Varnish Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
OTCBB:SWTX), the worldwide innovator of high performance, energy-saving films and glass products, announced today that windows using the company's energy-efficient Heat Mirror insulating glass already meet and exceed the new US Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Star window performance standards proposed for 2013.