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Impossible to suppress or control; irrepressible.

in′sup·press′i·bly adv.


incapable of being suppressed, overcome, or muffled: an insuppressible giggle.
ˌinsupˈpressibly adv


(ˌɪn səˈprɛs ə bəl)

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Way before the births of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini and Antonio Luna, all of Spain's colonies in Central and South America were engulfed in the most widespread, insuppressible anti-colonial independence movement that, in one way or another, affected the future of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Las Filipinas.
King's personal history--and later diagnosis of autism--may also tempt us to read her compositions as a product of her psychology, to interpret her works as tumultuous inner landscapes or as insuppressible visual shouts of things unsaid or unrecognized.
Jackson ended her night by tweeting, "Raise your hand if you have genuinely insuppressible feeling of impending doom surging through your entire body," and then retweeted Bindi Irwin, who said, "Let's all pray for love and light.
It is the insuppressible and productive conflict between progressive extensions of experience and realization and the efforts at system-building and unifying theory (Bachelard 1972c; Bachelard 1965).
Both of these cutaneous conditions have a strong psychological trigger, which leads to insuppressible urge to scratch.
After the American War in Vietnam, the 'dismembered bits' dripped into society constantly, persistently--stuffed in black bags or as absences in the bodies of the maimed--and their insuppressible arrival added new meaning to the reality of the United States.
Not just fast-paced on stage, they are also renowned for their insuppressible creative energy, which saw them write 12 songs in just four hours.
The Briton not only has an insuppressible desire to win but has also grown up in the only school of motorsport that has consistently opposed the practice of telling drivers how to race: McLaren.
Alternating between insuppressible laughter, spitting anger and hopeless dismay, I kept wondering about the underlying reasoning and suddenly I had a flash of insight that finally explained the desperate grip with which males the world over hold on to the notion that they are destined to be in charge.
Faced with pressure to put a stop to the carnage and with daily reminders of Sendero violence, Chacaltana grows increasingly paranoid, fearing two kinds of return: Sendero's physical resurgence and the insuppressible, sudden return of traumatic memories from his past.
Nonetheless, his creative insight has oozed through everything he has done: his artistic photography, the videos and performances he has produced, his poems, his insuppressible intellectual curiosity.
After all, can such vaguely defined slogans as "corporate social responsibility," the ubiquitous word "sustain-ability," or the equally insuppressible phrase "social justice" really provide for a productive discussion in business ethics?