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Impossible to surmount; insuperable: insurmountable difficulties.

in′sur·mount′a·bil′i·ty, in′sur·mount′a·ble·ness n.
in′sur·mount′a·bly adv.
References in classic literature ?
Pierre refused without the least difficulty or effort, and was afterwards surprised how simple and easy had been what used to appear so insurmountably difficult.
Indeed, numerous contemporary critics of Currie argued that it was an insurmountably difficult and wholly subjective task to determine governmental policies and interests.
One win in seven in the Championship now tells almost all you need to know about the shocking lack of consistency of the Bluebirds this campaign, their dismal, ultimately insurmountably poor firsthalf at Carrow Road tells you the rest.
At this stage, it was important for the organization to focus on becoming "good" rather than "excellent" as the cost to achieve the latter could be insurmountably high.
The barriers to participation are almost insurmountably high in Saudi Arabia.
This is the exact calculation (apportionment of the damages when an overcharge increases the direct purchaser's input costs, causing the direct purchaser to raise its price to indirect purchasers) that Illinois Brick concluded was insurmountably difficult.
It is the understanding that the Algerian minority in France is faced with a dominant Other that is just as hostile and insurmountably Other as the nonblack part of American society was/is for Simeon.
Clearly Khartoum has assumed an insurmountably lengthy time-frame in judging that the South would never go so far as to shut down oil transport to north Sudan.
While ARE's unique ability to pre-sell homes is an enormous advantage in this regard, the question of long term affordabil-ity of housing for the mass market continues to hinge less on the prevailing prices of real estate in Ethiopia but on the lack of long term financial tools (mortgages) to help more prospective home buyers afford what to many seem like insurmountably high sticker prices.
These are the absolute "Jewish" nature of the Israeli state that Palestinians must accept, which has insurmountably negative implications for the Palestinian citizens of Israel and millions of Palestinian refugees; a demand for absolute, a priori and eternal "security" for Jews in Israel and those who may remain in existing settlements within the jurisdiction of a future Palestinian state; and, an unyielding refusal to acknowledge any responsibility for the refugee status of the Palestinians who were displaced in 1947-1948.
Executives relying on conventional wisdom often miss the unconventional realities that can make risk management appear insurmountably complex," said Frederick Funston, a principal with Deloitte & Touche LLP and co-author of the newly released book titled, Surviving and Thriving in Uncertainty: Creating the Risk Intelligent Enterprise.
It seems to me that by making the process of application insurmountably difficult, the real intention of EU directives is to reduce the number of immigrants receiving citizenship or residency in defiance of human rights and extant laws.