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So they have picked up the word and the insurrectionists are called `Frondeurs,' and yesterday every article sold was `a la Fronde;' bread `a la Fronde,' hats `a la Fronde,' to say nothing of gloves, pocket-handkerchiefs, and fans; but listen "
By doing so, they conceded equivalence to insurrectionists who possessed more vigour than legitimacy.
Cuba in its ignorance of 'UNP' beliefs did not challenge a minority to wage war (1977), organize a pogrom (1983) that left hundreds dead in the Capital alone, thousands homeless and produced more thousands of insurrectionists who became terrorists later .
My fellow students and insurrectionists, the girls, came to believe that winter was at an end, and they doffed their overcoats, which sent them, too, into blossom.
Most of the people live in hiding because the Romans and Herod's soldiers are hunting for and crucifying insurrectionists.
It is propaganda, claim the insurrectionists, in that these actions will supposedly inspire and awaken the masses, showing them their enemies and showing them they can fight these enemies, and showing them how to fight these enemies.
Occupiers' actions clearly fit that definition, so I would characterize them as insurrectionists.
7) It was not the first time that jihadi insurrectionists had declared the imminent return of the Mahdi; when Juhayman al-Utaybi's raiders seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca in 1979, they claimed that Juhayman's brother-inlaw Muhammad bin Abdallah al-Qahtani was the Mahdi.
After a fashion, they wind up captured by the Neverland natives, a band of guerrilla insurrectionists who have been sabotaging Blackbeard's mining expeditions.
The insurrectionists were subjects of the Crown, their lawful government.
and directed by Laurence Schwartz--In 1831 Virginia, Nat Turner, America's most famous insurrectionists, killed over 60 white citizens in slave revolt talks with attorney Thomas R.
Some of the captured insurrectionists were summarily hanged.