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1. Remaining sound, entire, or uninjured; not impaired in any way.
2. Having all physical parts, especially:
a. Having the hymen unbroken.
b. Not castrated.

[Middle English, from Latin intāctus : in-, not; see in-1 + tāctus, past participle of tangere, to touch; see tag- in Indo-European roots.]

in·tact′ly adv.
in·tact′ness n.
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Noun1.intactness - the state of being unimpaired
flawlessness, ne plus ultra, perfection - the state of being without a flaw or defect
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The bones were in a fair state of preservation and indicated by their intactness that the flesh had probably been picked from them by vultures as none was broken; but the pieces of equipment bore out the suggestion of their great age.
The most significant factor in a successful sphincter repair is its durability, and constipation must be prevented to preserve the intactness of the repair in the immediate postoperative period.
Hope, fear, and the like are out of place because they imply a fall from the intactness or indivisibility of character that self-reliance requires and instantiates.
Other variables included in the analysis were student race and ethnicity, gender, grade level, and intactness of family.
Family intactness, school ability (ASVAB), religiosity, being nonwhite, and having an older sibling who has successfully completed high school, reduce the probability of youthful onset and raise the probability of schooling completion.
Though no state is attempting to overthrow the Western global system, there are states that are not fully integrated into it, and despite the intactness and growing inclusiveness of the system, there are still outsiders who believe the system is unjust and are unable to share its benefits.
Margaret presents a reprise of Ambrose's approach, with the reduction of Margaret to virginal intactness, passivity, and a voyeuristic account of her passion.
Traditional Southernism espouses a faith in the constantness of Southern identity, in its inviolable intactness as a means of directly connecting the past with the present.
Our findings may have differed from previous reports for the following reasons: 1) differences in PCR sensitivity; 2) differences in degree of intactness of DNA in specimens that were thawed after being frozen for prolonged periods; 3) geographic variation; or 4) differences in patient populations and, particularly, differences in age groups.
The winds of change have begun to blow all around the earth, and so, recognition of the rights of all children to genital intactness, even those of Africa's daughters, is inevitable".