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 (ĭn-tăl′yō, -täl′-)
n. pl. inta·glios
a. A figure or design carved into or beneath the surface of hard metal or stone.
b. The art or process of carving a design in this manner.
2. A gemstone carved in intaglio.
3. Printing done with a plate bearing an image in intaglio.
4. A die incised so as to produce a design in relief.

[Italian, from intagliare, to engrave : in-, in (from Latin; see in-2) + tagliare, to cut (from Vulgar Latin *talliāre, from Late Latin tāliāre; see tailor).]


n, pl -lios or -li (-ljiː)
1. (Jewellery) a seal, gem, etc, ornamented with a sunken or incised design, as opposed to a design in relief. Compare cameo
2. (Art Terms) the art or process of incised carving
3. (Art Terms) a design, figure, or ornamentation carved, engraved, or etched into the surface of the material used
4. (Art Terms) any of various printing techniques using an etched or engraved plate. The whole plate is smeared with ink, the surface wiped clean, and the ink in the recesses then transferred to the paper or other material
5. (Tools) an incised die used to make a design in relief
[C17: from Italian, from intagliare to engrave, from tagliare to cut, from Late Latin tāliāre; see tailor]
intagliated adj


(ɪnˈtæl yoʊ, -ˈtɑl-)

n., pl. -tagl•ios, -ta•gli (-ˈtæl yi, -ˈtɑl-)

v. n.
1. incised carving, as opposed to carving in relief.
2. ornamentation with a figure or design sunk below the surface.
3. a figure or design so produced.
4. a gem, seal, piece of jewelry, etc., cut with an incised or sunken design.
5. an incised or countersunk die.
6. a printing process in which a design or text is recessed below the surface of a plate so that when ink is applied and the excess wiped off, ink remains in the grooves for transfer to paper.
7. to incise or display in intaglio.
[1635–45; < Italian, derivative of intagliare to cut in, engrave =in- in-2 + tagliare to cut < Late Latin tāliāre; see tailor]


1. Carving in which the design is cut into the surface. Compare relief.
2. Carving in small scale, as on a gemstone, the design being cut into the surface. Hence any such form of printmaking process such as etching (as opposed to a cameo gem or relief etching, and a woodcut in which the ground is cut away leaving a projecting design).
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Noun1.intaglio - a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plateintaglio - a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate; the plate is smeared with ink and wiped clean, then the ink left in the recesses makes the print
printing process, printing - reproduction by applying ink to paper as for publication
photogravure - printing from an intaglio plate prepared by photographic methods
2.intaglio - glyptic art consisting of a sunken or depressed engraving or carving on a stone or gem (as opposed to cameo)
glyptic art, glyptography - carvings or engravings (especially on precious stones)
References in classic literature ?
She is extremely perfect; she is as hard and clear-cut as some little figure of a sea-nymph in an antique intaglio, and I will warrant that she has not a grain more of sentiment or heart than if she was scooped out of a big amethyst.
And with the perfect grace of an intaglio, he shows, as in truth the minute intaglio may do, the faculty of structure, the logic of poetry.
Lot 1624: a collection of moulded plaster impressions of classical subjects called intaglios, some of which are pictured here, was purchased as someone's Grand Tour souvenir.
com)-- Top This: Detritus Intaglios & The DogHeadShop by Stuart Rapeport
Chrysoprase was also popular in Victorian times, its hardness making it ideal for carving into cameos and intaglios, as well as for beads and cabochons, the Victorian jewellers making use of the Silesian material.
The topics include non-destructive gemmological tests to identify ancient gems, magical gems and classical archaeology, intaglios and cameos from Gaul in the third and fourth centuries AD, the Belgrade cameo, and reflections on gems depicting the contest of Athena and Poseidon.
This second, much smaller show at Frederico Seve presented just thirteen pieces, dating from 1963 through 1991 and including intaglios, lithographs, silk screens, and ink drawings, plus a lithographic artist's book.
Within each of these four main sections the author examines the production of cameos and intaglios, portrait medals and then miniatures.
Also very highly recommended for personal, academic, and community library American Art History reference collections is the previous volume of his work: "Robert Kipniss: Intaglios 1982-2004" (Hudson Hills Press, 2004).
With his carefully guarded secret paste recipe, he copied casts of famous and ancient cameos and intaglios.
Also on display will be each of the intaglios photographed for the new book, published by Hudson Hills Press, combined with selected paintings from throughout Kipniss' career; all told, an exhibition of this magnitude will be impossible to reproduce in the future.
Experiment with techniques: monoprints, woodcuts, Xerox transfers, and intaglios.