intake valve

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Noun1.intake valve - a valve that controls the flow of fluid through an intake
piston chamber, cylinder - a chamber within which piston moves
valve - control consisting of a mechanical device for controlling the flow of a fluid
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Induction of the charge air close to top dead centre, requiring rapid intake valve opening and closure with a short dwell period of about 30[degrees] crank angle.
Unfortunately, the drive for greater efficiency has caused a technological hurdle in the area of intake valve cleanliness.
Thermodynamic conditions during the closed cycle (compression, combustion, and expansion) can be directly controlled by adjusting the intake valve opening (IVO) and intake valve closing (IVC) angle, which defines the total intake mass flow rate and the effective compression ratio of the engine [3].
This cylinder was manufactured with the metal thickness around the intake valve area too thin.
To illustrate the model, let's take a simple example consisting of a fluid tank with an intake valve and an outflow valve.
When Turbo leaves the plant to fulfill his dreams, he is swept from a freeway overpass on to the hood of a sports car and is then propelled into the car's air intake valve, where explosive nitrous oxide charges every atom of Turbo's body, altering his molecular structure and infusing him with incredible speed - and he now blazes across the streets of Los Angeles like a neon bullet.
According to the report, teardowns of the damaged engines showed such problems as uneven wear and pitting of the intake valve seats, widened exhaust valve seats, and valve lash degradation.
8-liter, inline 4, 16-valve SOHC) features the use of a next-generation MIVEC system that continuously regulates intake valve lift, opening duration and timing.
The new operator station consists of an intake valve and suction filter manufactured entirely in-house by AMAZONE and until now exclusive to the UX.
To add fuel, just buy a can of butane ($3) at a home center and squirt it through the tiny intake valve in the lighter's handle.
The aeroplane's takeoff from Madrid's Barajas airport had been initially delayed because of a mechanical problem with what the airline called an air intake valve near the cockpit.
The plane abandoned one takeoff attempt because of a mechanical problem with an air intake valve near the cockpit.