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1. A decorative inlaid pattern in a surface, especially a mosaic worked in wood.
2. A knitted design resembling a mosaic that is visible on both sides of a fabric.
3. The art or practice of making intarsias.

[German, from Italian intarsio, from intarsiare, to inlay : in-, in (from Latin; see in-2) + tarsia, inlaid mosaic work (from Arabic tarṣī', inlaying, setting, infinitive of raṣṣa'a, to inlay, derived stem of raṣi'a, to adhere; see rṣʕ in Semitic roots).]


(ɪnˈtɑːsɪə) or


1. (Art Terms) a decorative or pictorial mosaic of inlaid wood or sometimes ivory of a style developed in the Italian Renaissance and used esp on wooden wall panels
2. (Art Terms) the art or practice of making such mosaics
3. (Knitting & Sewing) (in knitting) an individually worked motif
[C19: changed from Italian intarsio]


(ɪnˈtɑr si ə)

1. the art or technique of decorating a surface with inlaid patterns, esp. of wood mosaic.
2. the inlaid work so produced.
3. a decorative pattern in knitted wear resembling such inlaid work.
[1860–65; alter. of Italian intarsio, derivative of intarsiare to inlay =in- in-2 + tarsiare « Arabic tarṣī‘ an inlay, incrustation]


a form or method of decoration, dating from the Renaissance, consisting of inlaid, mosaiclike patterns, especially of wood.
See also: Ornamentation


plIntarsien pl, → Einlegearbeiten pl
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