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adj. Mathematics
Capable of undergoing integration or of being integrated.

in′te·gra·bil′i·ty n.
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The integrability of a one-form can be checked by the theorem below, where the symbol d[omega] denotes the exterior derivative of the one-form [omega] and [cojunction] means the exterior or wedge product.
Given the proliferation of electronic medical records, there's no longer a reasonable excuse to skirt the value of represented savings and promotion of integrability of the medical claim, especially when AmeriVeri provides a seamless, effective process for utilization of the National Correct Coding Initiative.
The main points of the model proposed by the Social Liberal Union are: a) maintaining current counties; b) creation of another administrative level, called Region, after the French model, between the counties and the central administration of the country; c) regions coincide with the current formal division in the 8 euro-regions; d) regions have political, administrative and administrative integrability characteristics specific to local current structure; e) a region should be managed by a regional council, headed by a regional president--both elected by the citizens; f) regional president acts as a premier and is elected directly by citizens.
A central part of this work will concern the imposition of shape restrictions that derive from revealed preference and integrability restrictions in the nonparametric analysis of consumer behaviour.
The integrability given by simple addition of unit-base time gives the Darwin time which grows linearly with N.
In addition to its unparalleled scalability, modularity, integrability and robustness, the Documentum platform is reputed for its strong compliance and e-discovery solutions.
Bazilevic, On a case of integrability in quadratures of the Loewner-Kufarev equation, Matheticheskii Sbornik, 37(1955), No.
Among the topics are money and markets, set theory, expected values, continuity and integrability, Martingales, and stochastic integration.
This value was conjectured by Batchelor and Yung (1995), using the integrability of the model and comparison with a more general solvable loop model on the square lattice.
However, Antonelli's very brief discussion of ordinal utility is in fact only implicit in his discussion of the integrability problem, and Fisher was clearly inconsistent on the question of whether utility should be viewed in cardinal or ordinal terms.
The accents in management should moved to integrability and complexity.
satisfying some requirements related with integrability and differentiability, the integral [[integral].
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