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adj. Mathematics
Capable of undergoing integration or of being integrated.

in′te·gra·bil′i·ty n.


(ˈɪn tɪ grə bəl)

capable of being integrated, as a mathematical function.
in`te•gra•bil′i•ty, n.
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A one-form is called integrable if there exists an integrating factor [lambda] [member of] K such that [lambda][omega] is an exact one-form.
This shift is causing an increased emphasis on integrable tools rather than a focus on individual infrastructure components (CPU, Network, Storage).
The panache of the brand being experimental yet integrable to any wardrobe soon saw the accessories line comprising of bags, belts, shades, key chains, tech accessories, rings and costume jewelleries run through the collection with ease.
It has been studied intensively during the past twenty fiveyears from different point of views, in particular in connections with various fields in mathematics and in physics, such asgeometry (geometric representation theory, geometric Langlands program), topology (invariants in small dimension),combinatorics (crystals, positivity problems) and theoretical physics (Bethe Ansatz, integrable systems).
Highly integrable, easy to manage, reliable and secure these are all key requirements a mobile payment platform has to meet.
So far, as far as we know, all the known proofs of 18 rely on integrable hierarchies.
Enterprise SMBs On-Premise Gamification Platform and Service Providers Enterprise Applications Integrable Services Marketing Public Sector and Government North America (NA)
is a Lebesgue integrable mapping which is summable, nonnegative, and such that
Oclaro's high degree of vertical integration and its broad portfolio of optical components, including the integrable tunable-laser assembly, integrated PM-QPSK modulator, and integrated dual-polarization intradyne coherent receiver, are key advantages for delivering a cost-efficient, high-performing 100 Gbps coherent transponder product.
based OFS, Specialty Photonics Division have developed and started production of high-output, narrow-linewidth, full-band tunable lasers and integrable tunable laser assemblies (ITLAs), and have started volume production of their HPU 42000 series Raman amplifiers.
This is why finding finitely integrable Vekua equations is of importance.
n] is called integrable bounded if there exists an integrable function h: I [right arrow] [R.

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