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adj. Mathematics
Capable of undergoing integration or of being integrated.

in′te·gra·bil′i·ty n.


(ˈɪn tɪ grə bəl)

capable of being integrated, as a mathematical function.
in`te•gra•bil′i•ty, n.
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The recent demonstrations of ferroelectricity in thin ( 10 nm) hafnia-based (hfo2) films, Which are readily si integrable is an encouraging news for fefet technology.
com)-- BluePrint Data, the leader in high quality, OEM, integrable Internet Filtering and Parental Controls is proud to announce that BluePrint Data India (an independent entity from BluePrint Data) has launched the WebHawk Mini - Internet Filtering appliance for schools, small businesses, etc.
HSS said bringing JR3 into its current and future software products is expected to generate new business with integrable solutions.
The new CAMPEN hammer mill can handle a variety of pulp types, and it is integrable with all types of airlaid systems.
Responsive Integrable Front End (RIFE) is a modern and comprehensive tool for insurance sales.
This system employs the dominant integrable ware idea on Java, (Yunus M M.
De nos jours, le principe de la mobilite est en constante evolution et le [beaucoup moins que] nomadisme [beaucoup plus grand que] est devenu aujourd'hui un mode de travail comme un autre, d'autant que la securite est a present integree Au ou integrable Au quelle que soit la methode adoptee.
In general, if system (1) has sufficient first integrals, such that the general solution can be expressed by quadrature of these integrals, we say it is integrable.
Integrable partial differential equations (PDEs), especially the ones possessing soliton solutions [1], have had a significant impact on both theory and phenomenology [2].
A one-form is called integrable if there exists an integrating factor [lambda] [member of] K such that [lambda][omega] is an exact one-form.
Provided that f and g are two integrable functions on [a, b] such that (EQUATION) where p, q, P, Q are real constants.
for any locally integrable function / on Rd and any [lambda] > 0.

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