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One who advocates or works for social integration.

in′te·gra′tion·ist adj.


n (US) → Vertreter(in) m(f)der Rassenintegration
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The benefits assigned include: - the level 3 support the integrationist validation - dissemination - security management of access to mainframe resources - etc.
He said: "Will you avoid using up your limited bargaining power to obtain purely symbolic changes like removing the words 'ever-closer union' given that they have never been invoked by the European Court against Britain or to require any other member state to move in an integrationist direction and were even dropped from the constitutional treaty.
In the past, proceeds have been used for a library remodel, iPads for all grades and teachers, the hiring of an educational technology integrationist, and a state-of-the-art science lab.
But not everyone embraced King's integrationist views.
It is one of the profound ironies of Canada that although we praise multiculturalism, and even place it in the Constitution, we are the most integrationist country in the Western world.
Black journalism and history initially called him a Black nationalist who was the yang to Martin Luther King's yin, while White Leftist journalism and history call him an internationalist Leftist--in effect, a radical integrationist.
Lashing out at Kiran Kumar Reddy and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu for their conduct in the House, Sreekanth said "the chief minister who had all the time been helping the division process in every possible way and was instrumental in AP NGOs calling off their strike moves a resolution at the fag-end of the session and washes his hands off to claim to be an integrationist.
Many believe that the French integrationist approach to racial diversity is failing.
New proposals included creation of ElectroCaribe and a fund to promote various social programmes in the region, which would make Bolivar's integrationist dream possible.
A communist, Jewish, Zionist liberal, integrationist conspiracy has smothered black culture for sixty years, says Cruse.
com)-- Community integrationist, National Auto Recyclers extends end-of-life vehicle removal service to local municipalities to maintain communal space.
SIR - I am a committed European integrationist and fully support economic and monetary union (EMU), including the euro, which I'd like Wales to have one day following a referendum.

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