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Adj.1.integumental - of or relating to the integument
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In addition to sensory reception, these integumental structures may act in a variety of vital functions, including locomotion, feeding, cleaning of the body and gills (Felgenhauer 1992, Bauer 2004), and mate recognition (Zhu et al.
8%) of the birds had respiratory and integumental aspergillosis, and 37 (15.
Rain-harvesting in the lizard, Phrynosoma cornutum: behavior and integumental morphology.
FlexHD and FlexHD Pliable are intended for use in the replacement of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue, or for the reinforcement or supplemental support of soft tissue defects.
A second colour variant reported here for the first time has a bright orange to deep red carapace with black integumental markings and cream markings identical to the black morph described above.
2) are excavate medially, with an integumental projection (essentially a true spine, neither a tooth nor a typical mastidion) at the top of the excavation.