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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The use of electronic devices to extend human intellect.

[Blend of intellect and electronics.]
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The motto with which Finnish company Intellectronics will be launching the latest models of their iSocket GSM Power Socket worldwide.
Intellectronics believe this is what every householder wants and needs, hence the company motto: "iSocket in every home.
Due to economic concerns, the need for home security and the heightened awareness of energy conservation, Intellectronics are set to launch their new-generation iSocket GSM Power Sockets with the certainty that they will soon be as commonplace a household item as the mobile phone.
iSocket in every home" - with this motto the Finnish company, Intellectronics, will be greeting the Spring with the worldwide launch of the latest models of their iSocket GSM Power Socket
Intellectronics believe that every householder wants, and in fact needs, this type of device in their home.