intellectual nourishment

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Noun1.intellectual nourishment - anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking
cognitive content, mental object, content - the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
pabulum - insipid intellectual nourishment
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Akin to a fountainhead of intellectual nourishment, the festival is helping people assimilate, analyse and disseminate the commonalities that bind humanity even while helping them understand the differences between them in order to respect and celebrate them.
It focuses on the role of imagination in education and learning, integrating the artistic, practical and intellectual nourishment of its students.
But a lost generation of children is denied education and intellectual nourishment at a crucial stage of their lives.
The Marie Antoinettes of today proclaim, "Let them take tests," callously brushing aside the needs of our children for intellectual nourishment.
This conference proceeding is too rich to be given proper justice in this review; it offers much intellectual nourishment to readers of different backgrounds.
When once I would have scoured the Hay Festival brochure for more cerebral reasons - now I was hastily scouring the festival's children's strand Hay Fever for my intellectual nourishment.
First two days is focused on intellectual nourishment and last day of the event is reserved exclusively to ensure this is extended to body, mind & soul so that the CIOs arrive back charged on all fronts to transform IT as business driver and differentiator.
An explosion of citizen weblogs, providing more intellectual nourishment and resonance than a thousand flat-footed newspaper opinion sections.
Our education programme will provide intellectual nourishment and expose everyone to new ideas, to new cultures and to new experiences," explained Hoda Ibrahim Al Khamis Kanoo, Founder and Artistic Director of the Abu Dhabi Festival.
Our gadgets have turned us into hi-tech lab rats, mindlessly pressing levers in the hope of receiving a pellet of social or intellectual nourishment," the Telegraph quoted Carr as telling Esquire magazine.
It also turns us into lab rats constantly pressing levers to get tiny pellets of social or intellectual nourishment
For a little intellectual nourishment, stop by at Pengvinite (The Penguins), a large two-storey bookshop.

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