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1. Exercise or application of the intellect.
2. Devotion to exercise or development of the intellect.

in′tel·lec′tu·al·ist n.
in′tel·lec′tu·al·is′tic adj.


1. development and exercise of the intellect
2. the placing of excessive value on the intellect, esp with disregard for the emotions
3. (Philosophy) philosophy
a. the doctrine that reason is the ultimate criterion of knowledge
b. the doctrine that deliberate action is consequent on a process of conscious or subconscious reasoning
ˌintelˈlectualist n, adj
ˌintelˌlectualˈistic adj
ˌintelˌlectualˈistically adv


(ˌɪn tlˈɛk tʃu əˌlɪz əm)

1. devotion to intellectual pursuits.
2. the exercise of the intellect.
3. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, esp. with a lack of proper consideration for emotions.
in`tel•lec′tu•al•ist, n.
in`tel•lec`tu•al•is′tic, adj.
in`tel•lec`tu•al•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.


1. the exercise of the intellect.
2. a devotion to intellectual activities.
3. an excessive emphasis on intellect and a resulting neglect of emotion. — intellectualistic, adj.
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Intellectualists plant their flag in the immediacy of the determination of the will by the moral law, concluding that feeling plays no important role in moral choice and action.
The conference described this part of the press law as a "weapon at the necks of the journalists, intellectualists, writers, and broadcasters" and that religious institutions, clerics, and extremists are seeking fame through restricting freedom of expression and creative work.
In this paper I propose a form of specifying the disagreement between intellectualists and anti-intellectualists, as I will call them.
Representing Progressive Socialist Party leader, Walid Jumblatt, Abou Faour patronized a PSP-organized event at UNESCO Palace, in honor of renowned artists and intellectualists.
The iftar feast was attended by a number of ambassadors of the Arab countries, chairmen and editors-In-chief of newspapers and magazines, leaders of the Information Ministry, Radio and TV, a number of scholars, journalists, broadcasters, media men, writers and intellectualists.
Not all recent or contemporary scholars of Socrates interpret the relevant texts as being in any way intellectualist; and not all intellectualists construe the relevant theories in quite the same way as each other.
Yet this role of circumstance in shaping the demands of morality need not imply moral relativism, as intellectualists and thoroughgoing historicists alike may well infer from such an assertion.
The intellectualists and the voluntarists may have propounded significantly different ideas about the relationship of natural law and the divine character, but they did not dispute the existence or importance of the natural law.
12) Intellectualists, however, rush beyond this point to the end of the story; they assign a positive value to critical reflection and a pejorative sense to unreflectivity and rely on this to explain the Greeks' adoption of the former and their abandonment of the latter.
Intellectualists are, after all, less likely than the rest of us to assume any kind of simple conceptual coherence is achievable at the level of desire.
Among the Omani-Chinese Friendship Association's objectives are strengthening relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries in economic, social, cultural and scientific fields by organizing seminars and lectures and exchanging visits between intellectualists, scientists and businessmen.
For them, rhetorical devices are either in violation of Socrates' philosophical commitments, or, as some intellectualists hold, there are quite simply no such things as such devices, but only instances of good and bad reasoning.