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Noun1.intelligence agent - a person secretly employed in espionage for a governmentintelligence agent - a person secretly employed in espionage for a government
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
agent-in-place - an operative serving as a penetration into an intelligence target
agent provocateur, provocateur - a secret agent who incites suspected persons to commit illegal acts
bridge agent - an operative who acts as a courier or go-between from a case officer to a secret agent in a hostile area
case officer - an operative who also serves as an official staffer of an intelligence service
codetalker, windtalker - a secret agent who was one of the Navajos who devised and used a code based on their native language; the code was unbroken by the Japanese during World War II
foot - a member of a surveillance team who works on foot or rides as a passenger
NOC - an undercover agent who is given no official cover
spy, undercover agent - (military) a secret agent hired by a state to obtain information about its enemies or by a business to obtain industrial secrets from competitors
walk-in - an operative who initiates his own defection (usually to a hostile country) for political asylum
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Though not perfect, the Nuremberg Tribunal is the proper model compared with Europe's current experience with dilatory, convoluted trials of international criminals like the Libyan intelligence agent who blew up TWA Flight 880 over Lockerbie.
But Mylroie claims to have discovered something that everyone else missed: the mastermind of the plot, a man generally known by one of his many aliases, "Ramzi Yousef," was an Iraqi intelligence agent who some time after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 assumed the identity of a Pakistani named Abdul Basit whose family lived there.
It's nonetheless a rather unusual pairing, agrees Hewitt, until you get the gimmick: For a majority of this family-friendly romp, intelligence agent Del Blaine (played by Hewitt) has no idea that her new partner Jimmy Tong (Chan) is actually a bumbling chauffeur, impersonating a spy.
The August 13th edition of the London Guardian reported that Adolf von Thadden, leader of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party, was "an intelligence agent working for the British .
Also in 1999, the congressional Cox Report disclosed the possibility that a Chinese intelligence agent inside the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory had stolen nuclear weapons secrets.
In 1979, Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) requiring the FBI to obtain a warrant before wiretapping someone suspected of being a foreign intelligence agent possibly planning terrorism.
Ewan McGregor (young Obi-Wan Kenobi in ``The Phantom Menace'') and Ashley Judd (``Double Jeopardy'') star in this convoluted tale of an intelligence agent hired to track a killer, for whom he quickly develops an obsession.
Pakistan on Monday claimed that an Indian intelligence agent is on board a hijacked Indian Airlines plane that has been sitting at an airport in Kandahar, Afghanistan, since Saturday.
South Korea recently withdrew five more intelligence officials from Russia, and Moscow will drop its demand that expelled intelligence agent Oleg Abramkin be allowed to return to South Korea, Yonhap said.
Freddie Scappaticci, 57, alleged to have been double agent "Stakeknife", has returned to his Belfast home from a holiday in Italy and reconfirmed his denial he was an Army intelligence agent.
Prosecutors say the bomb, hidden in a brown suitcase, was fed into the luggage system in Malta by former Libyan intelligence agent Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and transferred to Pan Am Flight 103.
When a Soviet officially listed as, say, a cultural attache spends his day off researching space shuttle technology, it's a signal that the fellow may be an intelligence agent who ought to be watched.

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