intelligence analyst

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Noun1.intelligence analyst - a government analyst of information about an enemy or potential enemy
analyst - someone who is skilled at analyzing data
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You could find work as an intelligence analyst with the police, government departments like Revenue & Customs, and the security services.
DOD has proposed a codified standardization of skills that need to be successfully performed in order to be certified as an all-source intelligence analyst.
Quito : Russia will decide the destination of fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, who is currently holed up in Moscow, Ecuador President Rafael Correa said today.
Spiller is an intelligence analyst at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.
In our March 15, 1999 story, we cited intelligence analyst Ben Works of the Strategic Issues Research Institute of the U.
While detailed to the National Infrastructure Protection Center, an interagency program located at the FBI Headquarters, Hoey performed duties as infrastructure protection and intelligence analyst.
For the intelligence analyst supporting the commander's common operating picture (COP), the amount and variety of open source information can be staggering.
Grabo, who was an intelligence analyst from 1942-1979 and the first female senior intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency, explains the warning process, analytical techniques involved in assessing the enemy's intentions, decision-making process, and capabilities.
London/Washington, July 27 (ANI): The Pentagon is reported to have zeroed onto a US Army intelligence analyst while investigating the biggest leak in US military history.
Once employed as a criminal intelligence analyst, you will receive on-the-job training on a residential basis or in-house with your employer, covering areas such as analysis methods, legislation, the NIM and internet investigations.
The actress, who plays MI5 intelligence analyst Ruth Evershed, will leave midway though the fifth series later this year.
Also running are: Olympic boxing gold medalist Paul Gonzalez; Juan ``Johnny Jay'' Jimenez, activist/organizer; David John Sanchez, educator and author; Clifford Ramirez Mosely, educator; Benjamin Luis Jimenez, storekeeper; Ruby Baxter De Vera, council office manager; Brian Heckman, attorney; Judy Lee Beres, teacher/attorney; Randy Carrillo, pastor; and Carlos Amador, an intelligence analyst.

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