intelligence analyst

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Noun1.intelligence analyst - a government analyst of information about an enemy or potential enemy
analyst - someone who is skilled at analyzing data
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A world first university-accredited course for financial intelligence analysts has just concluded in Melbourne following an intensive two weeks.
The intelligence analyst said cell site technology indicated Jarman was at Kidbrooke in Blackheath, London, around 6.
5) During this step, the intelligence analyst will begin to examine the network owner and develop a general knowledge of the history of the network, highlighting significant facts about the network and whom the network is intended to support.
endeavor, the role of intelligence analysts has received more
India said Tuesday that it had refused an asylum request from fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, joining Poland in publically rebuffing him as he seeks an exit from a Moscow airport.
A county intelligence analyst provides numerous documents to officers, to include a list of calls with a short narrative from each department.
Your duties as a criminal intelligence analyst could include collecting information from local, national and international computer systems as well as updating intelligence record databases and analysing data using specialist software.
The 23-year-old intelligence analyst is reportedly being subject to prolonged isolation, sleep deprivation, and being stripped naked in his cell.
Clark, an intelligence analyst and independent consultant assessing threats to US space systems, explains the technical collection of intelligence at a nontechnical level, for managers of technical collection assets, analysts, customers of intelligence, recruiters for the intelligence community, and graduate students.
One of the major professional gains from the deployment is that it reaffirmed by core intelligence analyst's belief--that an intelligence analyst must know his subject matter thoroughly, develop wide and deep network of contacts, and share his knowledge everyday," said Gootee.
Police staff commended were Emily Hoste, intelligence analyst, Sue Dandy, intelligence analyst and Courtney Bellis-Dann, forensic technician.
Su, who began at Kings Heath and worked for 12 years as a traffic officer at the Central Traffic Unit in Park Lane, Aston, works as an intelligence analyst.

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