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Noun1.intelligence cell - a terrorist cell whose members are trained to perform reconnaissance and surveillance
radical cell, terrorist cell - a cell of terrorists (usually 3 to 5 members); "to insure operational security the members of adjacent terrorist cells usually don't know each other or the identity of their leadership"
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According to reliable sources, the intelligence cell has been headed by an important political personality of the party who is answerable to Imran khan only.
National Crime Agency (NCA) officers have been deployed to Europol and the EU Regional Taskforce in Sicily an intelligence cell purely focused on probing people-smuggling networks.
Russia has also joined a Baghdad-based intelligence cell along with Iran, Iraq and Syria that has provided information on Islamic State targets.
Meanwhile, Iraqi airstrike, based on reports from the a special intelligence cell named Suqour, pounded a meeting of IS leaders and foreign fighters at a safe house in the town of Qaim, near the border with the Syria, leaving 28 militants killed, the state-run Iraqiya channel quoted a report from the intelligence cell, which is tasked with secret missions against significant targets.
A scientist then evaluates the results and an intelligence cell collates all the information and passes it on to the police forces involved.
Further officers will work in an intelligence cell which will also include an analyst to gather and evaluate any information received.
This is accomplished through a deviation from the current relatively fixed company identity to a "cellular company" that operates off a rule sets enabled by a robust information and intelligence cell.
The three women arrested were member of an intelligence cell, said the Nigerian military.
An intelligence cell involving French, British and American agents is already operating out of Nigeria, but Boko Haram has seemingly continued to strike unimpeded.
is received by Orphan Secure and the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Cell (AHTIC) where the information is then processed, analyzed and disseminated to allow for direct action by interested and trusted parties.
As the situation develops, the police intelligence cell issues modified or entirely new PIR.

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