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Noun1.intelligence information - secret information about an enemy (or potential enemy); "we sent out planes to gather intelligence on their radar coverage"
info, information - a message received and understood
military intelligence - information about the armed forces of another country that is useful in planning and conducting military policy or military operations
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Google is excited to work with SAS to deliver business intelligence information and help employees spot trends right from their Google search box," said Dave Girouard, Vice President and General Manager of Google Enterprise.
The system will also be used to counteract conventional organized criminal activity including street gangs, organized crime, money laundering and high volume crimes - providing officers with potentially life saving intelligence information.
Warfighters require up to the minute situational awareness and intelligence information made available to all levels, from the commander down to the individual soldier.
The agency collects, processes and disseminates intelligence information from foreign electronic signals for national foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes and to support military operations.
Mosul, Iraq (NINA) - A force of Nineveh police intelligence arrested a large truck laden with the latest weapons and ammunition in Hlayla village, according to intelligence information, according to a security source.
Amarizu stated, 'He was nabbed by the operatives through intelligence information from members of the public on 8/3/18 in the afternoon at Amalla in Udenu Local Government Area of the State.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], Oct 22 (ANI): China has asked Pakistan to increase the security of its newly appointed ambassador in Islamabad, fearing intelligence information that terrorists are planning to attack him, The Express Tribune reported.
Amid threats to national security, the Senate has created an oversight committee on intelligence and confidential funds that would look into, among others, the efficiency of government institutions in providing 'accurate' and 'timely' intelligence information.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 30, 2016-Engility announces USD24m contract to Support US Army intelligence information gathering
This region had recently undergone various tragedies that necessitated an exchange of intelligence information among ASEAN members, including the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight number MH370 and China South Sea dispute, he affirmed.
KIRKUK/ Aswat al-Iraq: Kirkuk Kurdish Asayish (security) forces seized today a big arms dump, according to intelligence information.
Chuck Hagel, said that the issue of the Syrian regime's having used or not used chemical weapons is a highly sensitive issue and that conclusions in this regard should be reached reliant upon true intelligence information and not to be sufficed with doubtful information.

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