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1. Capable of being understood: an intelligible set of directions.
2. Capable of being apprehended by the intellect alone.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin intellegibilis, intelligibilis, from intellegere, to perceive; see intelligent.]

in·tel′li·gi·bil′i·ty, in·tel′li·gi·ble·ness n.
in·tel′li·gi·bly adv.
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Adv.1.intelligibly - in an intelligible mannerintelligibly - in an intelligible manner; "the foreigner spoke to us quite intelligibly"
unintelligibly, ununderstandably - in an unintelligible manner; "the foreigners spoke unintelligibly"
بصورَة مفْهومَه
anlaşılabilir şekilde


[ɪnˈtelɪdʒəblɪ] ADVinteligiblemente, de modo inteligible




[ɪnˈtɛlɪdʒəblɪ] advintelligibilmente


(inˈtelidʒəbl) adjective
(negative unintelligible) able to be understood. His answer was barely intelligible because he was speaking through a mouthful of food.
inˌtelligiˈbility noun
inˈtelligibly adverb
References in classic literature ?
Eyeing the sad spectacle with an angry countenance, the sturdy woodsman, for the first time since his entering the plain, spoke intelligibly and aloud:
Adopting your point, I announce myself intelligibly as a Swindler.
There was a great stage, too, looking very clean and smooth after the streets; and there were people upon it, talking about something or other, but not at all intelligibly.
In this respect they are like the ivy which never strives to rise above the tree that sustains it, and which frequently even returns downwards when it has reached the top; for it seems to me that they also sink, in other words, render themselves less wise than they would be if they gave up study, who, not contented with knowing all that is intelligibly explained in their author, desire in addition to find in him the solution of many difficulties of which he says not a word, and never perhaps so much as thought.
Neal says that Eliot was able to speak the language intelligibly after conversing with the Indian servant a few months.
But it was difficult to state intelligibly the grounds of this belief to that man of rigorous logic, if of infinite charity.
Fortunately I could answer this question in the affirmative; having studied French under a Frenchman, I could speak the language intelligibly though not fluently.
Sire, an order is given by a sign, by a gesture, by a glance, as intelligibly, as freely, and as clearly as by word of mouth.
The more earnestly it applied its lips to the pipe, the more distinctly was its human likeness stamped among visible realities, the more sagacious grew its expression, the more lifelike its gestures and movements, and the more intelligibly audible its voice.
In a thick crowd of sounds, but still intelligibly enough to be understood.
You will be able then, I trust, to carry out my instructions more intelligibly.
He was a natural linguist, and he kept notebooks, making a scientific study of the workers' slang or argot, until he could talk quite intelligibly.