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n.1.One who intends.
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DPAA teamed up with Tri State Ford and its agencies Retail First, the retail marketing division of WPP's Team Detroit, and Kinetic, to create a multi-network DpB platform that was designed to deliver digital video impressions to hard-to-reach, light TV and auto intender viewers for six weeks during Q4 2013.
In developing these tools, we recognized Autobytel as the industry leader in automotive consumer intender purchase information requests.
Details may be found in the Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab report, "US & UK eReader Owner and Intender Survey 2010.
Magnetic was one of the first companies to foresee the potential of intent data, and build innovative capabilities like data curation and intender profiles," said James Green, CEO of Magnetic.
Which means green (although that isn't the key motivator: apparently research has shown that while the Lexus 400h intender believes that is a good thing, they don't want to be particularly vocal about it), providing fuel efficiency (which means deploying a new variant of the Hybrid Synergy Drive introduced in the '04 Prius), and providing a bit of head-snapping performance when you put your foot into it (as a result of the combination of the 208-hp 3.
It is a question that can only be formulated in terms of an asker, a point of reference, and an intender and that consequently can be intelligible only in human terms.
The psychological dependence of Gerald on Sara became an invented thing used by Fitzgerald inTender is the Night , where Nicole depends on Dick Diver for everything.
South African champion Mike De Kock has won almost every major race in Dubai but the big one still eludes his grasp as it may once again as his intender runner, Sanshwes, has a lot to find in class.
BIGresearch calls them the "intenders," and, according to the company's recent studies, the younger the intender, the more informed a customer he or she will be.
I used to act as an intender [commissioning agent or broker] for him.
He is an intender runner," said Tate, who will also saddle Prince of Johanne in the concluding race (5.
As job growth continues to progressively improve, used-vehicle intenders will gradually replace their current vehicles with newer, pre-owned ones, thereby helping to compensate for the loss of new-vehicle substitute demand," Banks said.