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1. Acting or capable of acting on each other.
2. Computers Of or relating to a program that responds to user activity.
3. Of, relating to, or being a form of television entertainment in which the signal activates electronic apparatus in the viewer's home or the viewer uses the apparatus to affect events on the screen, or both.

in′ter·ac′tive·ly adv.


(Computer Science) computing with direct communication between a user and a machine


[ˌɪntərˈæktɪvlɪ] ADV (gen) (Comput) → interactivamente
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The Distributed Computing Toolbox 3 enables engineers and scientists to prototype and develop parallel algorithms interactively in MATLAB and without the need to program message passing.
The Winstar uses Wasino's Numerical Intelligent Controller, which features conversational programming, and canned cycles that can be created interactively without programming knowledge.
Immersive visualization environments allow the scientist to explore complex data interactively.
Technical and creative professionals will benefit from the ability to interactively access graphics over increasingly long distances via the network or grid.
Requests of 25 or fewer TIN matches will be provided interactively.
A living parish is one where each of these ministries is identifiable in its own right, yet functions interactively with the others.
com pioneers a unique type of travel experience in "Travel Interactively With Alicia," for the first time enabling millions of Net surfers to travel the world interactively from their computer terminals.
Some 80% of respondents who prepared business tax returns worked interactively, 55% manually and 12% in batch mode.
Enables End Users to Work Interactively with Larger Objects; Improves Data Interpretation, Results and Productivity
By organizing and controlling the delivery of documents and by interactively managing the business processes in which these documents are used, OnBase enables organizations to streamline operations and share information among employees, partners and customers.

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