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Involving or representing two or more agencies, especially government agencies.


occurring between, or involving, two or more agencies
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Currently, USACE accepts the Interagency Senior and Access passes at its recreation projects, but is not allowed to sell or issue the passes.
Joint interagency teams, therefore, should be increasingly viewed as attractive forums and vehicles to leverage our combined national power in support of U.
FBI preparations were coordinated with the USG interagency community, as well as Greek authorities.
The ECOHAB Program was initiated a decade ago as an interagency, scientific program designed to increase the understanding of the fundamental processes underlying the impacts and population dynamics of HABs (ECOHAB 1995).
Interagency Advisory on the Confidentiality of the Supervisory Rating and Other Non-Public Supervisory Information.
Almost as soon as an interagency group formed to design Clear Skies, Energy staffers began challenging EPA's straw proposal.
The final Interagency Paper on Sound Practices to Strengthen the Resilience of the U.
This is not a shock to anyone remotely familiar with the interagency process by which US national security decisions are formulated, debated, and implemented.
Gudeman also said he was gratified that Johnston wanted to study a plan to break off the department before taking action, and he also applauded Johnston's fee-for-service proposal that he believes will eliminate interagency feuding over who pays for treatment.
While state-level interagency agreements may provide a broad framework to guide transition practices, local interagency agreements allow communities to clarify policies and procedures to be followed during the age 3 transition both within and among programs (Fowler, Hains, & Rosenkoetter, 1990).
To what extent agency comments will be entertained during a yet undefined interagency review effort is unclear.
In fulfillment of the grant requirements for the Deaf-Blind Intervention Program (DBIP), an interagency advisory committee, the Deaf-Blind Steering Committee, was established.

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