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The thickening Famennian sediments include organogenic limestones, dolomites with the interbedding of clays, marls and with massive sulphate- and salt-bearing beds.
The interbedding of grainstones and muddy sediments indicates the existence of spill-over lobes produced during storm conditions.
The main dam is located on quartzite's of reddish colour and with small interbedding of silt stone of purple colour belonging to Vindhyans (Super Group).
The outcrops are predominantly red claystones placed on subordinate hard grey sandstone with interbedding narrow beds of siliceous nodules.
The main rocks composing the massif in the profile zone are paragneiss, metabasite and their interbedding, granite and metasedimentary rocks.
The Karki Khola Thrust zone is characterized by the sharp contrast between massive bedded 'salt and pepper' sandstones of the Middle Siwalik Subgroup and fine-grained interbedding lithology of fine-grained greenish grey sandstone and greenish grey to purple mudstone and shale.
The seismic reflection feature with strong amplitude is possibly the comprehensive response of the interbedding of mudstone and oil shale.
No fossils have been found in the Fogo Harbour Formation, but interbedding of its lower part with the Llandovery Lawrenceton Formation fixes a maximum age, and a precise U-Pb zircon age of 422 [+ or -] 2 Ma (Ludlow) from a composite dyke cutting the formation on Dog Bay (Elliot et al.
The proportion of the area of the runoff "contributing phase" (rock outcrops) and the area of the water "receiving phase" (crevices, joints, interbedding plans) is high.
Detachment and initial tectonic transport of rockslides on the western flank of the Sierra de la Dehesa was mainly controlled by four structural elements: 1) parallel bedded strata; 2) lateral joints; 3) interbedding surface ruptures, and 4) layers dipping > 30[degrees], in the same direction of the slope.
Substrate (Marley with interbedding sandstone) is located at depths greater than approximately 6.