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n. pl. can·a·lic·u·li (-lī′)
A small canal or duct in the body, such as the minute channels in compact bone.

[Latin canāliculus, diminutive of canālis, conduit; see canal.]

can′a·lic′u·lar (-lər) adj.


n, pl -li (-ˌlaɪ)
(Biology) a small channel, furrow, or groove, as in some bones and parts of plants
[C16: from Latin: a little channel, from canālis canal]
ˌcanaˈlicular, canaliculate, ˌcanaˈlicuˌlated adj


(ˌkæn lˈɪk yə ləs)

n., pl. -li (-ˌlaɪ)
a small tubular passage, as in bone.
[1555–65; < Latin, =canāli(s) canal + -culus -cule1]
can`a•lic′u•lar, can`a•lic′u•late (-lɪt, -ˌleɪt) can`a•lic′u•lat`ed, adj.
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Noun1.canaliculus - a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants
duct, epithelial duct, canal, channel - a bodily passage or tube lined with epithelial cells and conveying a secretion or other substance; "the tear duct was obstructed"; "the alimentary canal"; "poison is released through a channel in the snake's fangs"


n. canalículo, canal o pasaje diminuto;
biliary ______ biliar, entre las células del hígado;
lacrimal ______ lacrimal, lagrimal.
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