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One that intercedes.

[Late Middle English intercessour, from Latin intercessor, from intercessus, past participle of intercēdere, to intervene; see intercede.]

in′ter·ces′so·ry adj.
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Don Quixote I am," replied Don Quixote, "he whose profession it is to aid and succour the living and the dead in their necessities; wherefore tell me who thou art, for thou art keeping me in suspense; because, if thou art my squire Sancho Panza, and art dead, since the devils have not carried thee off, and thou art by God's mercy in purgatory, our holy mother the Roman Catholic Church has intercessory means sufficient to release thee from the pains thou art in; and I for my part will plead with her to that end, so far as my substance will go; without further delay, therefore, declare thyself, and tell me who thou art.
Another response would be that a civilly-married gay or lesbian couple may celebrate a eucharist (with the bishop's permission) that includes appropriate intercessory prayers, but not a nuptial blessing.
When concentrating solely on Rose of Lima, Graziano showcases her role as the first Latin-American saint and her function as a source of atonement, intercessory power, and criollo pride for the Americas (Peru in particular) juxtaposed against the Counter-Reformation Spanish metropolis.
Both Flemish and Tuscan will makers came to specify their burial places more precisely and required a growing range of different sorts of memorial (monuments, paintings and chapels) and increasingly complex intercessory provision.
Philip's brother Jerry is asking friends to direct intercessory prayers for Philip through St.
When we are assaulted by natural crises such as floods and tornadoes, for example, a belief in angels reminds us that miracles are possible, just as belief in the intercessory power of saints does.
Intercessory prayer is part of our Christian tradition, however, it is not divine room service, nor is it a heavenly shopping trolley.
Afterwards, I found out that both our Book of Alternative Services (BAS) and the World Day of Prayer end intercessory prayers through the use of (or similar) "Gathering our prayers into one let us pray the Lord's Prayer as our Saviour taught us.
The interactions between pious devotion, ritual enactments at altars and the sacred beings represented in their altarpieces guarantee intercessory power over events and can even make future events occur.
Traditional religious language (images of God, miraculous works of Jesus, intercessory prayer, etc.
More than 130 studies have tested intercessory prayer (prayer at a distance), and more than two-thirds of these studies have found a positive, statistically significant difference.
This he attributes to a growing recognition of the importance of the mass, increased belief in Purgatory and the value of intercessory prayer, and an expanding educational system which made the priesthood a possible goal for men from the entire social spectrum.