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One that intercedes.

[Late Middle English intercessour, from Latin intercessor, from intercessus, past participle of intercēdere, to intervene; see intercede.]

in′ter·ces′so·ry adj.
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Don Quixote I am," replied Don Quixote, "he whose profession it is to aid and succour the living and the dead in their necessities; wherefore tell me who thou art, for thou art keeping me in suspense; because, if thou art my squire Sancho Panza, and art dead, since the devils have not carried thee off, and thou art by God's mercy in purgatory, our holy mother the Roman Catholic Church has intercessory means sufficient to release thee from the pains thou art in; and I for my part will plead with her to that end, so far as my substance will go; without further delay, therefore, declare thyself, and tell me who thou art.
The Blessed Mother is a great person to pour her heart out to, and she's a powerhouse of intercessory prayer.
She writes, "While knitting and praying for someone you don't know is a different experience than the intercessory prayers for a specific individual, praying for a stranger enables us to connect to the great mystery of life and the human family.
Few of them, however, would likely appear on a recruiting poster or, it seems, give much intercessory comfort to a proud veteran.
Members of the Youth Zone took an active part, reading the Gospel story and leading intercessory prayers.
When clearly identifiable images of this savior bodhisattva do appear, in the northwest and on the subcontinent beginning around the fifth century, we see the simultaneous emergence of texts dedicated to this bodhisattva's intercessory role.
Recounting the Old Testament story of Sodom, when Abraham negotiated with God not to destroy the city if there could be 10 righteous people found within its boundaries, Francis says bishops must be as "courageous in intercessory prayer as Abraham.
argues, that believers in other religions as well as secular people, are saved through the intercessory power of Christ's priesthood, why have so few authors--with the exception of Gavin D'Costa who is, interestingly enough, in O'C.
As Christianity evolved from outlaw creed to state religion, the visual art produced in its name became increasingly accomplished and naturalistic--so much so that paintings, sculptures and other artworks were sometimes employed to aid prayer, including intercessory prayer in conjunction with the veneration of saints and their relics.
I'm happy to see Koski and Falk in their third published adventure, and for them to finally be coming together as more than just an outstanding intercessory Cerebrus team.
I've seen many wonderful things in my lifetime - miraculous healings, answers to intercessory prayers, marriages being saved and people being delivered from drug and alcohol abuse, among many other things.
If the mechanical metaphor suggests anything, it suggests that the saints' faith (and perhaps their intercessory role) is part of a 'salvation machine', a giant fairground game in which the clanking of a few levers might reward one with an inflatable bleeding heart.