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A device for cooling a fluid between successive heating stages.

in′ter·cool′ v.


(General Engineering) a heat exchanger used in a supercharger or turbocharger
échangeur thermique intermédiaire
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This is where the intercooler comes in; placed between the outlet from the turbocharger's compressor and the engine intake plenum, it removes heat from the air flowing into the engine and transfers it to the surrounding atmosphere.
Research scope of the global automotive intercooler market
Based on my JPI engine analyzer, the intercooler cools the induction air roughly 50 to 70 degrees between 8000 to 15,000 feet.
After completing repairing work in the vehicle, they said, the two cousins along with the said mechanics got into the intercooler (Pajeero) and were trying it on the Sugar mill bypass road.
Because the gas is cooled after each impeller stage (or two impellers), the compressor's performance characteristics and reliability are dependent on intercooler conditions.
Sgt James Walsh told prosecutor Jonathan Kilfeather that in his experience droplets of oil could be found in the intercooler of vehicles that were perfectly serviceable.
A new air filter, inlet hose and a completely new intercooler hikes the power further to 350bhp.
Among them is an Ultramid (PA)--for high temperatures in the intercooler of automotive engines, which can well compete with more expensive high performance plastics of a completely different chemistry.
Comprising a larger intercooler and air filter box, larger diameter exhaust downpipe and a higher-capacity fuel pump, along with uprated software calibration, it remains the only officially-approved Focus RS upgrade package.
were designed to chill the intercooler for the natural gas engines by drawing heat off the intercooler water system.
Introduced in 2005 and rated at 100 MW, the LMS100 is the first modern production electric power gas turbine to have an intercooler.
3-litre petrol engine to which Roush has added a supercharger with intercooler.