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v. in·ter·cropped, in·ter·crop·ping, in·ter·crops
To grow more than one crop in the same field, especially in alternating rows or sections.
To plant (a crop) in the same field with another.

in′ter·crop′ n.


A method of growing quick-maturing vegetables between widely spaced, longer-term crops to make efficient use of the growing area.
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Intercropping camelina and soybean can mean dual profit.
Chief Guest for the event, Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) General Manager (Lautoka Mill) Viliame Savou said, the event was beneficial to the cane farmers as they were able to witness and find out first-hand the benefits of embracing the practice of intercropping.
The intercropping system practised by the pepper farmers could help them to diversify their farming activities, a situation which could increase accruable total farm revenue.
Since the project started in September 2011, over 1,000 farmers have been trained in good agricultural practices, such as the right use of fertilizers, intercropping and replanting.
In this region, the dominant cropping systems are rice, maize-sweet potato intercropping, vegetables, oranges and Chinese red peppers.
It was hypothesized that using these forages in rotations individually, or by intercropping or over-sowing may increase grazeable forage supply for AMS herds substantially.
It builds on intercropping corn with Desmodium as a nitrogen-fixing legume, which repels pests and eliminates Striga, while the volatiles of a border crop, such as Napier grass, attract the pests.
We only use drip irrigation and we've developed several different techniques that help to reduce water consumption such as intercropping and the use of mulches.
One of them is multiple cropping management or intercropping of baseline crop with tolerant plant which having economic value [1].
intercropping with aromatic plants as an alternative method for reducing browsing pressure has attracted research attention.
A regulated system of intercropping on plantations is employed, ensuring that trees are provided with cover and protection during the early years, by the crops that are planted between them.
The Chair instructed Ministry of Food Security and Research to examine the increasing trend in the prices of Pulses and take necessary corrective measures by taking all stakeholders on board and particularly focused on intercropping pattern so that it will enhance the productivity of pulses and maintain the prices.