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STARRING: Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Billy Bob Thornton, Rosario Dawson, Michael Chiklis, Anthony Mackie DIRECTOR: DJ Caruso CERTIFICATE: 12A RUNNING TIME: 117mins REVIEWER'S RATING: *** SHOWING: Cineworld, Showcase, VUE VERDICT: Eagle Eye barely pauses for breath between each slam-bang action sequence, intercut with the efforts of authorities to stop the "terrorists"
The promo, which features archive footage intercut with new material, sees two of the soap's stalwarts, Meic Pierce (played by Gareth Lewis) and Derek (Hywel Emrys) walking into the Deri Arms where they talk to some of the series' favourite faces from the past three decades.
Tales of the wonders, confusions, and disappointments of an emerging modern nation are heard in what sound like radio plays, intercut with Allen's own country/ragtime blues; their texts are scrawled across drawings, illuminated in neon, and stamped into sheet metal.
Highly charged locations intercut with bats flocking out of a cave at sunset proffer a jolting contrast between the natural beauty of America's Lone Star State and its reputation as the red heartland.
Aguilera's plaintive performance was intercut with scenes of gay and transgendered people grappling with their inner and external beauty.
It was just a tedious collection of well-worn clips, intercut with interviews with Madonna's closest friends.
Intercut into their efforts, we also got snapshots of a Birmingham dad who can only do toast and once poisoned himself, a girl student whose veg options are limited to broccoli, and a woman who simply can't cook but is intent on opening a greasy spoon with her husband.
The Routine moved along haphazardly as a series of pleasing vignettes, ranging from a woman seated at a table eating fried chicken to a poker game, all intercut with smart but loose choreography.
The 480P footage obtained with the Panasonic cameras will be intercut with film-originated material for the final programs.
It's quite dramatic because it's intercut with eye witness reports and their perceptions.
As usual, the scenes of their treatment are intercut with relatives talking about their injured loved ones.
Cue inevitable splashes of red paint on canvas, intercut with scenes from classic Kirk Douglas/Tony Curtis movie, The Vikings.