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This increase in adhesion with annealing time has been reported previously for PE-PP interfaces [18] and blends [19] and is attributed to the thermodynamical motion of the polymer chains, which allows them to interdiffuse through the interface and entangle with each other.
Presumably, dangling ends of crosslinked molecules and any uncrosslinked molecules present are able to interdiffuse.
This distinctive scattering characteristic allows researchers to highlight specific groups in complex molecules by selective deuteration and leads to major advances in our understanding of structures that occur, for example when viruses attack membranes, or when polymer layers interdiffuse.
Investigations on injection molded double-gated tensile bars have shown that weld-line strength is most readily improved by increasing the melt temperature[(1-4)] This is reasonable from a molecular level; as the temperature increases, the polymer chains will interdiffuse more rapidly.
Furthermore, the pullout features are more prominent and some of them bridge bunches of latex particles, indicating that many of these latex particles had begun to interdiffuse and progressed further toward coalescence between hour six and hour twelve.
m]), the materials soften and melt so that chains become free and can interdiffuse across the weld interface in terms of Fig.
This is because molecular interdiffusion between neighboring particles, which is essential for the generation of latex film strength, (33-35) must take place prior to the crosslinking reaction (7), (11), (30-32) Strongly crosslinked particles are unable to interdiffuse.
We have learned that the slightly branched polystyrene chains can interdiffuse across the particle-particle junctions during the film formation process.
The strength of the joint is a result of the interpenetration of polymer chains across an interface and develops as increasing amounts of polymer interdiffuse.
This indicates a restriction between phases to interdiffuse one in each other, and leads to a decrease in A.
The BR molecules can interdiffuse into the intergallery space of the layered silicates more readily with the aid of the compatibilizer and result in an intercalated/exfoliated structure.