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1. A surface forming a common boundary between adjacent regions, bodies, substances, or phases.
2. A point at which independent systems or diverse groups interact: "the interface between crime and politics where much of our reality is to be found" (Jack Kroll).
3. Computers
a. A system of interaction or communication between a computer and another entity such as a printer, another computer, a network, or a human user.
b. A device, such as a cable, network card, monitor, or keyboard, that enables interaction or communication between a computer and another entity.
c. The layout or design of the interactive elements of a computer program, an online service, or an electronic device.
v. (ĭn′tər-fās′) in·ter·faced, in·ter·fac·ing, in·ter·fac·es
1. To join by means of an interface.
2. To serve as an interface for.
1. To serve as an interface or become interfaced.
2. Usage Problem To interact or coordinate smoothly: "Theatergoers were lured out of their seats and interfaced with the scenery" (New York Times).

in′ter·fa′cial adj.
Usage Note: The noun interface, meaning "a surface forming a common boundary, as between bodies or regions," has been around since the 1880s. But the word did not really take off until the 1960s, when it began to be used in the computer industry to designate the point of interaction between a computer and another system, such as a printer. The word was applied to other interactions as well—between departments in an organization, for example, or between fields of study. Shortly thereafter, interface developed a use as a verb, but many people objected to it, considering it an example of bureaucratic jargon. The Usage Panel has been unable to muster much enthusiasm for the verb. In our 2011 survey, 57 percent found it unacceptable in an example designating interaction between people: The managing editor must interface with a variety of freelance editors and proofreaders. This level of disapproval is only slightly lower than the 63 percent recorded in our 1995 survey, suggesting that writers who wish to avoid a jargony tone would do well to avoid the usage. In 2011, a slightly larger percentage disapproved of interface in examples indicating interaction between a corporation and the public (66 percent) or between various communities in a city (65 percent).


(ˌɪn tərˈfeɪ ʃəl)

1. included between two faces.
2. pertaining to or of the nature of an interface.
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Adj.1.interfacial - relating to or situated at an interface; "an interfacial layer"; "interfacial tension is the surface tension at the interface between two liquids"
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ps] is phenol concentration at the interfacial area of the organic (solvent) phase, mol [m.
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison examined the effects of conjugating whey protein with a gel-forming polysaccharide--gellan--on the interfacial structure and surfactant-induced displacement characteristics of whey protein.
Tenders are invited for Surface And Interfacial Transiometer As Per Is 6104/1071 For Measuring Surface And Interfacial Tension Of Oil Against Water By Ring Method 0-0.
Since interfacial defects in coextrusion represent a remarkably rich and multifaceted topic (mechanics, physicochemistry, process, etc.
In the as-soldered state, drop failures occurred at the substrate sides only, with cracks propagating within the interfacial intermetallic compound layer for OSP solder joints and along the IMC/Ni-P interface for ENEPIG solder joints.
Key statement: Disclosed is an interfacial polymer for a network used as a coupling agent in mixing of rubber-silica.
A comparative study of pad size on the interfacial reaction between solder paste and surface finish of electroless nickel-electroless palladium-immersion gold on the organic substrate was performed and analyzed by observing the microstructure at the interface.
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of interfacial phenomena.
Due to the small size of the fillers, the volume fraction of the nanoparticle/polymer interfacial area in nano-filled systems is drastically increased, and the interfacial region becomes important in the performance of the nano-filled system.
Alavi Nikjeh said, "The results imply the alteration of stoichiometric ratio and less formation of hard phase in the polymeric mass for which the reasons are the presence of reactive functional groups on the nanosilica surface and the creation of stronger interactions within the interfacial area of nano-phase and polymeric matrix.
The book's five chapters cover basics of electrical interfacial phenomena, interfacial charge and basic electrical double layer interfaces (EDIs), electrical aspects of surface pressure in amphiphilic monolayers, ion-exchange and ion-specific effects in lipid monolayers, and applications of interfacial electrical phenomena.
Surfactant can reduce the interfacial tension of the oil/aqueous interface.