interfacial tension

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Noun1.interfacial tension - surface tension at the surface separating two non-miscible liquids
surface tension - a phenomenon at the surface of a liquid caused by intermolecular forces
tension interfaciale
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Due to the large surface area of the layered silicate nanoparticles, the in situ formed graft efficiently reduces the interfacial tension, as a result of its migration to the interface of incompatible phases [28, 40].
The high concentration of Polyglycerol polyricinoleate lowers the interfacial tension and the droplets became weak and easily deformable, hence the flow behavior was more pronounced in high concentration of Polyglycerol polyricinoleate hence, the results are according to literature [26, 27].
The decreasing of interfacial tension on border "water/diesel fuel" in the presence of 0.
Surprisingly, there is relatively little published information on the surface and interfacial tensions of native and modified starches and existing data is conflicting or incomplete.
Where (gamma) sd and (gamma) sc are the interfacial tensions of the respective boundary of solid/disperse phase and solid/continuous phases, and (gamma) cd is the interfacial tension between the two liquid phases.
For surface properties: sweet almond oil / whey, all interfacial tensions are lower than that found obtained for sweet almond oil/water is 45 Dynes/cm whose the values of the interfacial tension varies from one whey to another: 35.
It is also known that the attainment of three phases in mixtures of oil, water and an ionic surfactant produces low and ultralow values of the interfacial tension between the immiscible phases (Salager et al.
Schulman et al have postulated that interfacial tension is a key process in microemulsion formation and that the main role of the surfactant is to reduce the interfacial tension to very low values [13, 14].
Among the topics are effects of surface structure on the behavior of a heating contact line, the mechanistic modeling of dynamic vapor-liquid interfacial tension in complex petroleum fluids, measuring wettability and evaluating cleanliness without substantial cost, modulating the surface properties of reactive polymers by photo-Fries rearrangement, super-hydrophobic aluminum surfaces obtained by chemical etching, and the adsorption of surfactants at hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic solid surfaces.
Surfactants lower the surface tension of a liquid and the interfacial tension, or resistance, between two liquids, or between a liquid and a solid.
Experimental Study of Transient Interfacial Tension for Alkane-Water-Triton X-100 System using the Emergent Drop Technique
In the inversion region the ultra-low interfacial tension between water and oil phase allows the formation of very fine oil/water emulsion droplets.

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