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A piece of firm fabric or other material inserted between and usually sewn or fused to the layers of a garment to thicken or stiffen it.


1. (Knitting & Sewing) a piece of fabric sewn beneath the facing of a garment, usually at the inside of the neck, armholes, etc, to give shape and firmness
2. (Clothing & Fashion) another name for interlining


(ˈɪn tərˌfeɪ sɪŋ)

a material used between the facing and outer fabric of a garment to give support and shape.


[ˈɪntəfeɪsɪŋ] N (= interconnection) → interconexión f (Sew) → entretela f


n (Sew) → Einlage f
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Interfacings and craft stabilizers are a structural necessity for creating the correct clutch look, and different parts of the clutch require different weights.
Fusible interfacings are usually the easiest to work with, but don't match every fabric type.
Choose different fabric and interfacing types and weights to achieve a professional-looking accessory.
1/3 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing (interior pockets)
1 yard of medium-weight fusible interfacing (flap & bow)
1/4" yard of heavyweight sew-in interfacing (main panel)
Non-woven is available in lightweight to heavyweight, but by the nature of the process used to make it, it's much heavier than comparably labeled knit or woven interfacings.
It may be difficult to find the interfacing care instructions if it's not written on the bolt, but most quality interfacings are both machine-washable and dry cleanable.
Most modem interfacings are pretreated, meaning they're preshrunk and don't require any extra steps.
Proper interfacing selection and application is an invaluable part of a neat, professional-looking and long-lasting finished garment.
Interfacing is a type of fabric applied to portions of a garment on the wrong side to provide additional support, shape or structure.
In most cases, the pattern guidesheet provides instruction as to the appropriate areas to interface, but begin with those garment areas if an interfacing layout is unavailable.

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