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Capable of interbreeding.

in′ter·fer·til′i·ty (-fûr-tĭl′ĭ-tē) n.


(Botany) (of plants and animals) able to interbreed
ˌinterferˈtility n


(ˌɪn tərˈfɜr tl)

able to interbreed.
in`ter•fer•til′i•ty, n.
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However, most taxonomists are suspicious of alleged species that are 100 % interfertile, as are the putative species of Cannabis.
Oil palm genome sequence reveals divergence of interfertile species in Old and New worlds," Nature (DOI 10.
Hybridization can provide a mechanism for gene flow between species, particularly if hybrids are interfertile with parental species and do not suffer reduced fitness (Arnold 1992).
forgetiana are interfertile species that grow sympatrically and parapatrically throughout southern Brazil, but they form no hybrids in the wild.
Loasoideae): are interfertile species and inbred populations results of a recent radiation?
The species comprises interfertile subspecies: wild forms, weeds and cultivated plants.