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, interfibrillary
a. interfibrilar, localizado entre fibrillas.
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Thus the water moves from the myofibrillar to interfibrillar compartments then to the extracellular compartments and finally drip is formed on the meat surface giving the watery appearance (Guarnieri et al.
Effect of NaOH treatment on the the interfibrillar swelling and dyeing properties of Lyocell (TENCEL[R]) fibres.
Acetyl-L-carnitine supplementation reverses the age-related decline in carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (CPT1) activity in interfibrillar mitochondria without changing the L-carnitine content in the rat heart.
2004 indicated that the macromolecules, proteoglycans (PGs) and GAGs, transmit interfibrillar forces.
In some cases, the outermost cell walls in contact with the coating layer appeared light crimson, an indication that these walls were delaminated, enabling the coating to penetrate into interfibrillar gaps (not illustrated).
Perhaps the interfibrillar regions play a role in polymer yielding.
5c), although the confined environment is extended so that PEO can crystallize, the crystallization of PEO is still restrained, forming nylon-6/PEO interfibrillar segregation.
The linearity of radius implies that the amorphous region, which is rejected from the growing PEO crystalline region, does not migrate away from the spherulitic growth front, but rather became trapped within the interfibrillar regions of the growing spherulites [27].
In the previous section, it is found that PVPh must reside within PHBHHx spherulites in the blends; however, it is still uncertain whether PVPh mainly reside in the interlamellar region or in the interfibrillar region of PHBHHx spherulites.
Ericksen [26] showed that the deformation of aramid fibers (PRD 49-111, Kevlar 49, and Kevlar 29) under creep is governed by the crystallite rotation; the mechanism involves shear stresses that are governed by hydrogen and van der Waals bonds in the interfibrillar regions.
Interfibrillar segregation is characterized by the segregation of the amorphous diluent to the regions between the lamellar stacks, which consequently generates amorphous domains in between the lamellar stacks.