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The region of higher land between two rivers that are in the same drainage system.

[Back-formation from interfluvial : inter- + fluvial.]

in′ter·flu′vi·al adj.


(Physical Geography) a ridge or area of land dividing two river valleys
[C20: back formation from interfluvial, from inter- + Latin fluvius river]
ˌinterˈfluvial adj
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The impact of mining has also been demonstrated on the interfluves and in the headwaters of streams, where extensive upland swamps have very noticeably dried out, and in some cases destroyed, as a result of subsidence and fracturing of the solid sandstone base on which they rely (NSW Dept.
Within the Orang Rimba kindred of relations, which is generally confined to neighboring river interfluves, cousin marriages pull cognates in danger of becoming non-cognates back into a network of kin and social relations, and builds bonds of solidarity between people of the same generation level, within the confines of very asymmetrical relations of affinity (Sather 1996: 90).
For example, ironstone gravels, which are generally found on slopes and interfluves but rarely in valley bottoms, were predicted with 16% higher accuracy by DSMART than the soil map when tested against profiles.
We have researched cryosolic soils of alas ecosystems of interfluves of Lena and Amga and interfluve of Tiung and Tiukyan rivers in left-bank part of Vilyuy River.
It is characterized by low degree of inclination of the interfluves (1- 5[degrees]), the smoothness and their size imposing current morphology as a result of long evolution (from Cambrian).
The occurrence of late Wisconsinan tills on interfluves of streams dissecting the valley fill of the Cuyahoga River valley may imply that it was completely filled prior to the late Wisconsinan glaciation.
Sur les rives des grandes lagunes de la region, sur les versants des vallees chaudes et humides situees dans les parties basses du relief, les forets de galerie subtropicales s'etendent jusqu'aux interfluves entre les vallees des fleuves.
Restoring the original surface of the catchments is based on correlation and interpolation of current altitude values existing on relatively flat surfaces of interfluves, as remnants of previous drainage areas.
Within LSU 3, the EC, patterns correspond to drainage zones and interfluves, with the interfluves featuring relatively strong [EC.
Undoubtedly sources of groundwater that contribute to ditch flow are not so much controlled by the subtle interfluves defining surface catchments as they are by water table depth, subsurface features (e.