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The region of higher land between two rivers that are in the same drainage system.

[Back-formation from interfluvial : inter- + fluvial.]

in′ter·flu′vi·al adj.


(Physical Geography) a ridge or area of land dividing two river valleys
[C20: back formation from interfluvial, from inter- + Latin fluvius river]
ˌinterˈfluvial adj
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We have researched cryosolic soils of alas ecosystems of interfluves of Lena and Amga and interfluve of Tiung and Tiukyan rivers in left-bank part of Vilyuy River.
The occurrence of late Wisconsinan tills on interfluves of streams dissecting the valley fill of the Cuyahoga River valley may imply that it was completely filled prior to the late Wisconsinan glaciation.
Three kaolinitic, acidic Haplustoxes (Soil Survey Staff 2010) of contrasting texture (sandy, loamy and clayey), located on the top of slightly dissected interfluves of the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais, were sampled in August 2003 for this study.
Restoring the original surface of the catchments is based on correlation and interpolation of current altitude values existing on relatively flat surfaces of interfluves, as remnants of previous drainage areas.
Within LSU 3, the EC, patterns correspond to drainage zones and interfluves, with the interfluves featuring relatively strong [EC.
These deeply weathered soils are restricted to the higher elevation interfluves, and transition into less mature soils in the Quaternary terraces and alluvial soils of the valleys.
No information is available so far on the occupation or the exploitation of valleys and interfluves.
It's situated in the centre of the European part of Russia, in the interfluves of the Oka and Volga rivers.
The article is based on the analysis of 1465 wells which revealed the Neogene sediments in Volga and Kama interfluves within the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan.
The low relief of the landscape and very broad interfluves can result in varied interpreted positions of drainage divides, differing by an order of tens of kilometres among workers.