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The region of higher land between two rivers that are in the same drainage system.

[Back-formation from interfluvial : inter- + fluvial.]

in′ter·flu′vi·al adj.


(Physical Geography) a ridge or area of land dividing two river valleys
[C20: back formation from interfluvial, from inter- + Latin fluvius river]
ˌinterˈfluvial adj
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During the research, we have identified three types of succession systems formed under conditions of territorial complexes studied: a succession system of lime-oak nemoral forests in the NTC (natural territorial complex) of high interfluvial plains, succession system of spruce-oak-linden nemoral forests in the NTC of high interfluvial plains and succession system of Raifa spruce moos forests in the NTC of indigenous valley slopes.
According to Chinese archaeologists, the excavated skeletal remains presumed to be Wusun are of the short-headed Europoid Central Asian interfluvial type (Mallory & Mair 2000: 93-94).
Between the 1960s and 1980s, the Piaroa moved out of isolated, interfluvial highland zones to settle permanently along navigable rivers, where the majority of Piaroa people live in villages of between 50 and 500 people.
The deposit is located in the Nizhneudinsk District of the Irkutsk Region, approximately 30 kilometers from the town of Nizhneudinsk, in the interfluvial area between the Kamenka and Uvat rivers.
The first villages were built some distance from the Keram and in the interfluvial zones, where some hamlets can still be found today.
2] Hadejia-Jama' are interfluvial floodplain constituted a zone of extraordinary ecological productivity, sustaining a population of about a million people.
The interfluvial region, known as 'Bessarabia', had been a part of the Russian empire since 1806, when Russian troops occupied the area then under Ottoman control.