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n.1.The act of interfusing, or the state of being interfused.
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He stood, looking off at the enchanting harmony of line and color that remotely encircles the city, inhaling the softly humid odors, and feeling the freshness of the year and the antiquity of the place reaffirm themselves in mysterious interfusion.
Then, I suppose it was the interfusion of humor through so much of it, that made it all precious and friendly.
There will be a welcome address by, Neophytos Akourshiotis, the mayor of Peyia and guest speakers include: Professor Joan Breton Connelly, New York University (Yeronisos Island Expedition) Dr Peter Sonntagbauer, Cellent AG (FUPOL Coordinator) Roman Buil Gine, Universitat AutEnoma de Barcelona (Simulation Expert) and Haris Neophytou, InterFusion Services (Sustainable Tourism Expert)
The analytical character of UN documents, noted in the context of various interfusion of self-interest, social activity, political challenge, security demands has not particularly concerned policy analysts who denote merely a recognizable set of insights which enable states, regions and communities to be tagged and their position reflected in accordance with "the obligation of all parties involved in an armed conflict to comply with international humanitarian law, in particular their obligations under the Geneva Conventions of 1949".
Let us conceive the UK as an exemplar of plural individuality: a communal interfusion of unity and difference, with a constitutionally in-built recognition that each of us belongs to more than one society at once - that in ourselves, we are both one and many, a union of special cases.
The selective process of making a nosegay, whether the material comprises flowers, human beings, or words-as in the original sense of an anthology (56)--creates an artificial means of imposing unity through proximity without committing the violence of complete, "hideous interfusion.
May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- PNN Media Group announced today the launch date of the all-new Interfusion TV.
The difference is that the DEW deck of cards approach is practical-minded-when one card does not yield much insight, you go for another-whereas divination based on I Ching believes in what Carl Jung calls "synchronicity," or the interfusion of alea and necessity.
29) Much later in Joyce's text, repetition again foregrounds the interfusion of prohibition with desire.
The interfusion of motives we see in the characterization of Bourdieus working classes allows us to retroactively complicate stereotypes that arguably originate in the nineteenth century but persist today.
London-based production firm Interfusion Films saw a gap in the UK gardening television schedules and headhunted Jonathan, a Liberal Democrat on Gateshead Council, after reading his blogs on the internet about growing his own food on a local allotment site.
The final section examines the interfusion of technological and scientific knowledge.