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Being or occurring between generations.


(ˌɪn tərˌdʒɛn əˈreɪ ʃə nl)

of, occurring between, or intended for individuals in different generations.
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The aim of this project is to study how rising family complexity has affected two fundamental aspects of intergenerational relationships: reproduction and solidarity.
The regional measure of young people's prospects, the Regional Intergenerational Fairness Index, revealed the North East is the most intergenerationally unfair region of the UK in which to live.
Angus Hanton, cofounder of the Intergenerational Foundation who released the index, said: "Our research demonstrates that where you live has a direct impact on your prospects as a young person compared to older generations.
This empirical study had two main interests--relationships among Intergenerational Conflict (Intergenerational Conflict Inventory), Parent Attachment (Inventory of Parent Peer Attachment), and Christian Spirituality (Spiritual Assessment Inventory) and the mediation of Parent Attachment between Intergenerational Conflict and Christian Spirituality.
Awards ceremony today at Generations United's Intergenerational Action on a Global Scale conference
A PRIMARY school will launch its new intergenerational club next week.
ALMONDBURY Community School hosted an Intergenerational Christmas Lunch recently.
This paper, using data from Pakistan Panel Household Survey 2010, finds evidence for higher (lower) intergenerational immobility (mobility) for Pakistan.
Generations United, a national organization focused on intergenerational cooperation, sees a mutual benefit to such work: for older adults, an increase in health, socialization and emotional support; for youth, better academic results, enhanced social skills and more stability; and for society at large, stronger communities and passing on of cultures.
Initiatives launched by RDT at Coatham Memorial Hall have included Intergenerational Days bringing socially isolated older people together with young people for monthly functions and a Fit To Work scheme giving jobless young people an understanding of the workplace.
This is the intergenerational transmission of resilience.