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Occurring between glacial epochs.
A comparatively short period of warmth during an overall period of glaciation.


(ˌɪntəˈɡleɪsɪəl; -ʃəl)
(Geological Science) occurring or formed between periods of glacial action
(Geological Science) a period of comparatively warm climate between two glaciations, esp of the Pleistocene epoch


(ˌɪn tərˈgleɪ ʃəl)

1. occurring or formed between times of glacial action.
2. an interglacial period.
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Unlike the relatively mild interglacials driven by the tilt, wobble and orbit of the Earth, the PETM fundamentally transformed the planet.
Humans could hardly be to blame if mammoths were able -- as in previous interglacials -- to hole up in some chilly redoubt that was too remote for habitation or hunting.
During the interglacials, the basin fills up with lakes.
The pollen in SU2, being overwhelmingly derived from trees, refers to their interglacial origin, but not any typical forest succession or pollen-zonal record of known interglacials was observed (Fig.
It appears that even during interglacials the climate can oscillate between warm and cold, and yet the warm intervals are short-lived.
Until now, temperatures during the warm periods between ice ages - known as interglacials - were thought to be only slightly warmer.
Earth did indeed plunge into an ice age about every 100,000 years, punctuated by warm spells, or interglacials, that lasted about 10,000 years.
However, the work of the brilliant Scotsman James Croll in the 1880s showed how orbital eccentricities had a marked effect on the amount of solar radiation received on earth, and could account for glacials and interglacials.
However, the scenario of cold, dry glacials, and warm, wet interglacials is rather too simplistic.
It occurred in the Hoxnian interglacial and was about 250,000 years old; dating was typological or relative to pollen-based terrestrial sequences; two interglacials separated three full-on glaciations, and well made ovates were a stage in a developmental trajectory.