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Being or occurring between two or more social groups: intergroup relations; intergroup violence.


occurring between two or more groups, esp social groups
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Group companies, including Leminar, Troy Engineering, Dyarco Technology, Dyarco Shipping Services, DIMS, Al Failaq International Trading, Intergroup Shipping and Intergroup Retail - Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, participated in the event.
In europe, Intergroup tolerance has been proposed as a key aspect of living harmoniously and productively with diversity; It is critical because objection and disagreement about what is good and right are inevitable.
competition within a group) and intergroup competition (i.
Researchers have found that when disadvantaged groups, such as immigrants, hold a negative metastereotype, this affects their intergroup mixing (Owuamalam & Zagefka, 2011).
There has been much work on religion/spirituality and interpersonal forgiveness, but little theory or research has focused on religion/spirituality and intergroup forgiveness.
Power dynamics are implicated in intergroup prosocial behavior (Nadler & Halabi, 2015).
Communication, linguistics, psychology, and other scholars from North America, Europe, and Australia offer 19 chapters on intergroup communication, including established settings, little-studied ones, trends in new media and social networks, and the neuroscience of communication.
Concomitantly, prejudice against outgroups (outgroup bias) may arise even if there is no history of rivalry or the distinctions between groups are superficial [18], although it has long been established that even trivial competition between groups can raise the levels of intergroup biases [19].
Psychosocial factors associated with intergroup forgiveness
Table 5: Results of Analysis of Variance for Comparing Types of Intelligences Based on Age Differences Types of Intelligences Mean Degree of Differences Freedom Logical/Mathematical Intergroup 6.
Variable Group Sig F df Operation Education Between group ,439 ,932 3 Intergroup 39 Field of Study Between group ,153 1,856 3 Intergroup 39 Organizational Between group ,303 1,254 3 Intergroup 39 Awareness Education Between group .

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