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1. The growing of one thing with or into another.
2. Mineralogy The growing together of crystals from two or more minerals.


the process or act of growing among each other


(ˈɪn tərˌgroʊθ)

growth or growing together, as of one thing with or into another.
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ties for the sector also onsolidation and M&A and drink companie opportunities in interGrowth opportunit come in the form of coactivity.
According to the definition of mineral texture given by Ramdohr (1980) in relation to mineral dressing, the main textural features that should be quantified are grain size and intergrowth relationships, including the number and nature of boundaries and the type of intergrowth between ore and gangue minerals.
They enable attachment to or even intergrowth of bone cells; in many cases these porous structures transform into bone tissue (Boccaccini et al.
The Association for Corporate Growth-Denver was named ACG Chapter of the Year out of 53 chapters worldwide at the ACG InterGrowth conference in Phoenix in early May.
Wood cell development occurs initially with the creation of a porous cellulose-hemicellulose structure followed by an intergrowth of lignin (lignification) within this structure.
Face-to-face layer stacking and low angle intergrowth of tactoids are observable.
The breccias are composed of fragments of altered, angular tuff fragments cemented with an intergrowth of tourmaline and quartz.
The UIZ represents the lithium zone within the pegmatite and is dominated by "SQUI", a term used to describe an oriented spodumene + quartz intergrowth after primary petalite, with lesser grey K-feldspar and primary white spodumene in quartz.
GE Antares survey was conducted April 29 at the ACG InterGrowth conference in Las Vegas.
In addition to participating at ACG's annual InterGrowth industry conference, Axial will provide preferred content, tools and services to ACG members, and contribute expert commentary to ACG's Middle Market Growth magazine.
This petrographic feature is also observed as an interstitial granophyric intergrowth, and occurs plagioclase and clinopyroxene crystals with intergranular arrangement, in association with K-feldspar and quartz.