interior drainage

inte′rior drain′age

a drainage system whose waters do not continue to the ocean either on the surface or underground, but evaporate within the land area.
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Improvements include levee and flood wall improvements, bridge/structure modifications, and interior drainage improvements including pump stations and storm sewers.
Fuss and O'Neil of Manchester, Connecticut is also working with the City to evaluate the interior drainage and pump stations to support the FEMA Accreditation.
GEI and its sub-consultants Purcell Associates of Glastonbury, Connecticut and GeoDesign of Middlebury, Connecticut will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the entire flood control system including the levee embankments, floodwalls, closure structures, interior drainage and pump stations.
Inside, the property is fitted out to a high specification which includes "Polar" floor tiling, interior drainage and stainless steel food preparation units.
After the Laramide Orogeny of the early and middle Eocene, a series of interior drainage basins was formed in Mexico by block-faulting or volcanic-damming of drainage systems.
The research project concerns the construction of interior drainage system drainage of the settlement of Agia Paraskevi municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas, and transport projects in Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Arachthos.
The project, operated and maintained by the city of Springfield, was constructed in 1941 and consists of approximately 3,900 feet of earth dike, 11,200 feet of concrete wall, 1,600 feet of pressure conduit, and appurtenant drainage features to supplement the City system of disposal of interior drainage.
Entreprise E2 Installation Works is a great contract, among other things consists of the following works plumbing works, including interior drainage, water and sanitation, heating, sprinkler, gaseous and technical insulation.
7 million contract to Louisiana-based Hamp s Construction, LLC for the overhaul of interior drainage for Trapp Canal on the west bank of Jefferson Parish.

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