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1. Of, relating to, or located on the inside; inner.
2. Of or relating to one's mental or spiritual being: "She thinks she has no soul, no interior life, but the truth is that she has no access to it" (David Denby).
3. Situated away from a coast or border; inland.
1. The internal portion or area.
2. One's mental or spiritual life.
3. The inland part of a political or geographic entity.
4. The internal affairs of a country or nation.
5. A representation of the inside of a building or room, as in a photograph.

[Ultimately Latin, comparative adj. of inter, between; see en in Indo-European roots.]

in·te′ri·or′i·ty (-ôr′ĭ-tē, -ŏr′-) n.
in·te′ri·or·ly adv.


(Psychology) the quality of being focused on one's inner life and identity
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Viola uses the medium that currently mass-controls us, alienating us from our own interiority and intimacy, and subverts this 'technology of spectacle' against itself, with time-lapse, slow motion and so on, in order to explore the dimensions of the human condition and encounter the 'unseen'.
Third, to cross this threshold, I build on Lonergan's reflections on generalized empirical method and interiority, which helps us understand how communication among diverse modes of reasoning is possible.
Any reader previously unfamiliar with William Stafford's poetry--if such a reader could be found--could not help but be mesmerized by this sequence, its sustained excellence, its deep and authentic voice of interiority.
We may summarize Augustine's use of interiority and temporality with regard to resurrection as follows: Jesus is resurrected temporally, so that the apostolic witnesses may believe and be healed interiorly.
Countering the idea that Cervantes's Don Quixote was the first novel, this study goes further back in time to examine how stories of the highest ideals have bounced up against realism, interiority, rebellion, and ridicule--among other themes--in both historical and contemporary times.
SENSOUS INTERIORITY reads the legend on one, the misspelling indicated on the checklist by a strike-through of the first u of "sensuous": sensuous interiority (all works cited, 2013).
And the tone becomes increasingly dark as the collection continues, as the refusal of interiority, and the displacement of the subject into every scenario, every image, creates an ever-greater sense of unease.
I contest that it is with the exercise of the intensity of constitutive force inherent in our subjective interiority that we can create singularity within us: "those intentional and voluntary actions by which men [.
If we can understand what the actor says without his having the informing, controlling, vitalizing, or intentionalizing interiority that Hamlet the character seeks, it means that language works perfectly adequately without such interiority" (315, emphasis added).
the modern individual, as they turned these plays into commercial vehicles for producing an interiority effect as a viable commodity" (90).
It accepts Crosby's characterization of subjectivity as a foundational self-relation which constitutes interiority and is the foundation for experience and action.
Sources also told that following the directions of Interiority Ministry, Additional Chief Secretary of Interior Ministry has constituted six members committee under the supervision of CCPO Peshawar.